How to Join a Meeting in Microsoft Teams?

Learn How to Join a Meeting in Microsoft Teams?

Nowadays, business meetings are very difficult to conduct. But you can do business meetings by staying at home when you have a video conferencing option available. You can invite your team or partners of business by inviting them via a video conference and conducting the meeting.

Most people don’t know how to join video conferences then we will tell you how to use the app and how to do conference calls by using Microsoft teams.

Using the App to Join Microsoft Teams

One of the simple methods to join meetings is through video conferences by using the Microsoft team app. You can download the Microsoft app from their official website. When you have successfully downloaded it and then install it on your PC then you can join the meeting in a couple of ways.

You can join the meeting directly by clicking on the invitation. Most people join meeting in this way because it is one of the simplest methods.

There is another method to join a meeting you need to call into the meeting and then you have to dial the number and conference ID. Most people use this option when they are unsure about the security of the internet.

Using the Web to Join Microsoft Team

If you don’t want to install the app on your PC then you can use this way to join meetings by using the web.

Simply go to your email and then click on the option of Join Microsoft team button then a new window will open in your PC browser. Not you will see some options, just download the team app and join the meeting using the web.

Using the web option will work in some of the browsers as it is now available in Google chrome and Microsoft edge. If you don’t have a browser then you have to download it first to attend the meeting.

Now, you need to choose the setting of the mike, camera, and audio and join the meeting and take benefits using the web.

Joining a Microsoft Team Meeting with a Mobile Device

Joining meetings through the mobile app is very simple. Open the play store from your mobile and then download the Microsoft meeting app on your mobile or simply go to Gmail and click on the invitation link. When you click on the link it will automatically send you to the play store if you don’t have an app on your mobile.

When you have downloaded the app then you need to create your account before joining the meeting. Now, it will ask permission for access to the microphone. Allow it for access otherwise, no one will be able to hear you.

Now, join in as a guest, after joining app will prompt you to type your name and then click to join in the meeting.

What Happens If You Don’t See a “Join” Button in Microsoft Team

It might be possible that you can’t find the option of joining the meeting. It occurs because of some reasons like errors when sitting up in a meeting.

The reason might occur when the organizers set the meeting, then they set up the meeting in the team option instead of Outlook.

If this error occurs then you need to talk to your office IT group, the error may be of the implementation of the team.

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