How to use a Fake Number to call someone?

How to use a Fake Number to call someone? (Spoof a Phone Number)

Fake or spoof calls are very useful on many occasions. Most people use it for fun as well. Spoof calls can make great fun and very useful for pranks. By doing spoof calls, you have the ability to hide your phone number. In this way, you can easily make fun of your friends or can do prank calls. Some people use prank calls for their YouTube channels, so if you want to start a YouTube channel of pranks then this method will help you a lot.

If you are a privacy lover then it will help you in this regard as well as your number is hidden. Some people don’t want a lot of calls then spoof calls are also helpful for you as they avoid repeated calls.

So, if you want to do spoof calls then you need to install some external apps on your mobile from the Google play store.

Following are some best apps for Spoofing calls:

  • Dingtone
  • Fake Caller ID
  • AvaNo’s Fake Call app
  • Fake Me A Call
  • textPlus


Dingtone is one of the best apps for spoof calls. It allows you to make unlimited calls and the best thing is that you can make free calls and free text messages to everyone.

Want to know the best thing: It will give you a free number and you can use it as a second line. You can make free calls or text messages from your real number by using this app. It will also allow you to call on any mobile number or any landline number in more than 200 countries.

Fake Caller ID

It is one of the decent spoof-calling-making apps. You can make calls with any name. When you make calls to anyone, the other person will receive them with the wrong number.

This app has many different features in it. You can record your call for later and also it has the feature of voice changing. You can change your voice and have a better prank. If you want to do many calls then you need to buy credit as it only allows two free calls per day.

Fake Call by QUC

It is one of the best, most professional, and most awesome fake caller applications. It will help you to fake your phone calls on your device and help you to get out from embracing situations. It allows you to customize the number, name, and photo of a fake caller.

It allows you to make multiple fake calls, or you can schedule fake calls as well. It works on every device but is best for Samsung devices.

But it’s not free, you need to buy it from the Google play store.

Fake Me A Call

This is another app that allows you to make unlimited fake calls from your contact list .it will also help you to get out of awkward situations or also help you to prank your friends and family. You can add specific ringtones to your Fake caller ID and also schedule calls. It also allows you to select the picture and number on your own. It is also available in different languages and you can also edit inline fake calls.


This app is similar to Dingtone. You need to sign up for the account and then you will receive a new fake number and call your friends. This is also free and the given number is also free you can send free text to any number but for a limited time in a day.

But you can receive more free messages and calls by watching videos and ads or you can simply do a monthly subscription. This is best for those who want another number. It also allows you to use the voice changer feature.

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