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How to Increase Your Low Internet Speed?

There are a lot of people who are working from home and also many universities taking online classes in this quarantine period, so everyone needs a good internet speed. When we talk about gamers, streamers and other online activity persons the speed of the internet matters a lot to them and in this situation, they can’t find the required level of speed of the internet.

Internet speeds matter a lot to everyone. We will help you in this regard and help you to increase your internet speed by doing some tricks.

Reset your router

Resetting wifi router is having a lot of advantages, especially for home users as it will help you to dispel others’ hacking attempts. It will also help you for increasing speed and apply some important changes on the router including updates.

For resetting your router, you don’t need to reset the factory service as it will erase everything including passwords. You simply need to unplug all connected devices from the router and shut down the router by pressing the power button. Now, wait for some minutes so that all the connections will be fully closed, turn on the power button, and you are done.

Manage your Wi-Fi channels

Most of the routers are coming in Dual-band that allows you to provide both frequencies of 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz. Some routers are also providing tri-band that will provide you with more connections.

These different frequency channels will help you to apportion the connection of the device and it will also lower the signal channel demand. If your 2.5Ghz band is getting crowded then this will help you to increase the speed. The 5Ghz band is faster but it has a shorter range and 2.5Ghz is having larger range but a bit slower speed the 5Ghz band.

Some of the routers have a feature to allocate automatically that will assign the devices but it is only based on connection needs and it will further switch them to new channels.

Using Ethernet connections

Most of us use wifi devices to use the internet, especially at home. But if your Ethernet wire s near your computer then we recommend you to use that as it will provide you with a very fast speed as compared to the router. This is one of the best and most reliable ways of increasing internet speed.

Manage the devices on your network

An average router that we use in our homes can almost connect 250 devices and if more devices will connect with it then slow down your speed. At home or in offices, people mostly have multiple mobile and Laptops and due to this internet start overstretched and slows down the speed.

If your internet is getting slow due to many devices being connected and you might want to limit the connection of the router. But you can also do many important settings by doing this:

  • If some devices are unnecessary or someone is trying to hijack your Wifi device then you can kick them out or block them from your wifi network.
  • Some routers are having features that will allow you to connect to specific mobiles or you can also slow down their internet speed.
  • Some routers are also having this feature that you can disconnect their connection after a specific time and this is one of the best ways to the speed increase.

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