Did you Know You Can Control Your Computer with your Mobile Phone?

Learn How to Control Your Computer from Your Phone? Full Guide

There are a lot of reasons of controlling your PC by using a mobile. Some people want to use a PC outside of their homes, some want to get access to their computers to send files even if they are outside of their homes, and some people want to use their computers in an easy way.

Today we will tell about the 5 Best Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows phones that will help you to control your PC from mobile.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop

This one is the best app for remote controlling for PC. If you are a user of Google Chrome then this app is best for you. You just need to install it on your PC and add the extension to your Chrome then it will allow you to access your PC and you can easily control your PC through mobile.


It will make your PC easier and you can use it even when you are sitting in front of it. You can control administration, files, browsers, and many more.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

This is probably the best controller developed by Microsoft. It is the first-party remote control solution designed for desktops. You can control the whole PC using it but this is developed only for Windows. Only windows has the access to use this. You can download its APK mode on your iOS, Android, and Windows mobile.


Virtual Network Client (various)

This one s the favorite controller solution, especially for professional users. This is open-source software and is available for Windows, iOS, and Android. It has a lot of users, some of them are paid and some of them are free users. It has a user-friendly interface and is best for windows users.

Although, on works awesome for every PC but best for Windows PCs. You can also download it for free on your computers as well as Mobiles. The free version of the app is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux computers. It is having a paid version for other PCs.

Remote Mouse

This one is a good option for you if you want to make your PC easier as it only allows you to access Mouse and Keyboard. You can only use it on Local-WiFi networks and allow you to see your Monitor or screen to use it.

This app is free to download on all types of PCs and you can also download it for free on Android, iOS, and Windows. If you want further control over your PC then you need to purchase an upgrade version. If you only want basic command control then it is best for you.

Unified Remote ($4)

This app is a bit similar to Remote Mouse but it will provide you with many other features as well that is not available in Remote Mouse including LAN support, voice commands, infrared, and NFC tools and it will also allow you to control music services like iTunes, VLC and Spotify.

This app is not currently available on Chrome OS but on the other OS, you can download it for free. This app is also free for mobiles as well. But you need to pay money for the advanced features. It will cost you 4$ for the premium version.

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