How to Know your WhatsApp Got Hacked & What to Do?

Whatsapp Got Hacked; What To Do Now?

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world. It is one of the most popular apps for PC and mobile both. WhatsApp is known for its privacy as provides end-to-end encryption to the users. There are millions of users who use WhatsApp in their daily routines.

There are a lot of people who think that WhatsApp can’t be hacked and that’s why they shared a lot of sensitive data on WhatsApp but this is not true. WhatsApp can be hacked.

This is another difficult thing to identify whether your account got hacked or not. But don’t worry we will help you in this regard as well.

How to Know Your WhatsApp Got Hacked?

This is one of the most difficult things to indicate whether your account is hacked or not as you will not receive any message regarding hacking or anything else. You have to find it on your own.

We will tell you somehow you can find it. First thing is that if you notice some unnecessary things on your account then might be your account be hacked. Like if your mobile’s battery gets low unusually then this is a sign of hacking too.

The other thing is that if you see some unknown chats or some unknown group that you are seeing for the first time then it can be the main sign.

How to solve our hacked WhatsApp problem

There are many ways but not every person can do that as they are a bit complicated for the users. But we will tell you some best useful methods and by following them, you can easily solve this issue.

If you are having such an issue then WhatsApp officials always recommend their users that first close all Web WhatsApp. Because it might possible that someone is using your WhatsApp as you forgot to log out. Simply, log out of your WhatsApp from all other computers.

The other method is to use app lock on your mobile and lock your WhatsApp app on your mobile. By doing this, hackers can’t get access to your mobile easily. They first need to unlock the app lock which is not too easy. So, by doing this, you can stop your WhatsApp from getting hacked.

The last one is to use a two-step verification method. It is one of the most useful tricks you can use. By doing this, WhatsApp will stop working from all devices and they need to give a verification code and it is impossible to know the code for them.

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