How to Check Prize Bond Draw Result online In Pakistan

How to Check Your Prize Bonds Result Online?

A prize bond is one of the best things you can have to earn profit in Pakistan. It is a new but best and easiest way to earn profit and become wealthier by giving a chance to your luck.

The prize bond in Pakistan was introduced in 1960 by the State bank of Pakistan under the name of the national prize bond. National savings control Prize-bonds in Pakistan.

National Savings is basically a state-owned saving bank in Pakistan for the public. The Minister of Finance operates National saving and it is managed by National Saving’s Central Directorate. National Saving offers many saving offers to the public at very reasonable interest. Want to know the best thing: They will give you a 100 % guarantee on all deposits.

Products of National Saving:

  • Prize Bonds
  • Regular Income Certificates
  • Special Savings Certificates
  • Short Term Savings Certificates
  • Special Savings Account
  • Savings Account

Prize-bond is one of the best services provided by the National service. A lot of people in Pakistan only trust Prize-bond investment as it is the safest investment trick.

What is Prize Bond?

A prize-bond is basically a lottery bond and non-interest investment offered by National Saving Pakistan. It is a bearer type of security investment that will allow you to earn a profit or no premium. National Saving offers a 100 % money-back guarantee on Prize-Bond if you do not win the lottery.

If you buy a Prize-bond and you won the lottery then you will get a huge amount of money from Nation Saving Pakistan and if you do not win the lottery then you can claim your money-back of Bond from National Saving Pakistan. If you want the safest investment in Pakistan then Prize bond investment will be the best for you.

Types of Prize Bond      

Following are the types of Prize-bonds offered by National Saving. You can buy any of them according to your need.

  • 100 Prize-Bond
  • 200 Prize-Bond
  • 750 Prize-Bond
  • 1500 Prize-Bond
  • 7500 Prize-Bond
  • 15000 Prize-Bond
  • 25000 Prize-Bond
  • 40000 Prize-Bond
  • 40000 Premium Prize-Bond
Amount 1st Prize Prizes 2nd Prize Prizes 3rd Prize Prizes
Rs. 100 Prize-bond 700,000 1 200,000 3 1000 1199
Rs. 200 Prize-bond 750,000 1 250,000 5 1250 2394
Rs. 750 Prize-bond 15,00,000 1 500,000 3 1250 1696
Rs. 1500 Prize-bond 3,000,000 1 1,000,000 3 18,500 1696
Rs. 7500 Prize-bond 15,000,000 1 5,000,000 3 93,000 1696
Rs. 15000 Prize-bond 30,000,000 1 10,000,000 3 185,000 1696
Rs. 25000 Prize-bond 50,000,000 1 15,000,000 3 312,000 1696
Rs. 40000 Prize-bond 75,000,000 1 25,000,000 3 500,000 1696
40,000 Premium Prize-bond 80,000,000 1 30,000,000 3 500,000 1696

When you bought the Prize-bond then the next thing is that you have to check them. There are many ways to check the prize bond but the best one is to check the prize-bond online.

How to check the prize bond online?

Checking prize bonds online is very easy and time-saving. You can check your prize-bond by sitting at home.

Here’s how you can check the prize bond online:

  • First of all, you need to go to the official website of National Saving or you can go there by clicking on the given link
  • When you open the link then you need to select the value of your bond and then select the draw date there.
  • Now, they will ask you to enter the prize-bond number there.
  • After that, you need to tap on the search icon.
  • When you do that then you will get your result.

How to check Prize Bond through the draw list?

This is another option for you that you can check your Prize-bond number through the issued list of National Saving Pakistan. For that, you have to download the official draw list from the National Saving official website.

  • They will show you all the denomination list of a prize-bond, you have to select the one that you are having.
  • When you select the required list then you need to download the list.
  • Once you have downloaded the list then you have to check your prize-bond from the list.


How to buy Prize bonds in Pakistan?

You can easily buy prize-bonds of every type from field offices of SBP BSC bank, from the National Saving Pakistan office, and branches of designated commercial banks.

How to claim the Prize of the prize bond?

If you won the prize then you have to fill out the form and then you have to submit the original winning prize bond and photocopy of the winning prize-bond.

Who issued Prize bonds?

National Saving Pakistan, Ministry of Finance can issue Prize-bonds with the instruction of the State bank and the Government of Pakistan.

Who can buy Prize-bonds in Pakistan?

Everyone can buy prize-bonds in Pakistan. No matter whether they are inside or outside Pakistan, they can buy bonds from registered dealers or scheduled banks.

Can I buy Prize Bonds online in Pakistan?

No, you cannot buy Prize-bonds online. To buy Prize-bonds in Pakistan, you need to visit the Nation Saving office, State bank, or any other scheduled bank.

What is the maximum price of a Price bond?

80,000,000 is the maximum price of a prize-bond that is offered on a 40,000 premium bond and the second-largest price of a prize-bond is 75,000,000 which is available on a 40,000 prize bond.

What is the expiry date of the Prize bond?

There is no expiry date of the Prize-bond or there is no expiry date of the prize bond. Prize bond validity is a lifetime.

What is the validity of claiming a prize of prize-bond?

The maximum time period of claiming a prize of prize bond is 6 years. It means that if you won the prize and don’t know about it then you can still check to claim it within 6 years.

What is the tax on the prize-bond winning amount?

If you win the prize-bond then you have to pay the tax of 15 % for FBR NTN holders and 25 % for non-filers.

What to do if my Prize bond has been stolen or what if I lost my Prize-Bond?

If your Prize-bond has been stolen or you lost your bond then there is no refundable or exchange available on Prize bonds. Whoever got the prize bond will get the prize.

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