How to Block Sim Online?

How to Block Sim Online?

Want to block your SIM online? It’s Not a big issue to block online SIM because it’s just a simple process.

There are a lot of reasons people want to block their Sims. If you have found that you have lost your sim registered under your name and you forgot to block that sim. That could create an issue if someone making misuses your name registered Sims and you want to block instantly. 

Similarly, if someone snatched your phone and at that moment the first thing that came to mind is that you want to block your sim as soon as possible. And like other possibilities, there is another possibility to lose your phone somewhere and no chance to find out. Then you will go for the blocking of your sim. Here we are going to discuss briefly the online sim blocking.

Let’s dive in to find out the process of How to Block Mobile SIM Online?

You can block your sim through these two options

  • Through visiting Franchise
  • Through Help Centre

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Block SIM Through Franchise:

You can visit the nearest franchise to block your sim.

How to Block Sim Through Help Centre?

You can call to Telecom Company to block your sim. Every telecom company has a different helpline number. Just make your call any time you want to block your sim.

How to Block Jazz Sim Online?

If you are a Jazz customer, you can call the Jazz helpline number “111”. After that customer care representative will ask for your details and in the end he/she will block your sim.

How to Clock Ufone Sim Online?

If you are a Ufone customer, call their Ufone helpline number “333”. The representative will ask for your information like your name and the number that you want to block. The representative will block your Sim before your call ends and you will be saved from the misuse of your Sim.

How to block Zong Sim Online?

The Zong customer can call at Zong helpline number “310”. It has the same procedure as other telecom companies that I have already told you about above.

How to Block Telenor Sim Online?

Call at Telenor helpline number “345” to block your sim.

Warid Sim Blocking Code:

For blocking your Warid lost sim just make a call to Warid helpline number “321”.

Note: You can call Helpline numbers with the same company number.


Here you have all of it guys. I hope that the information I have provided to you will be quite helpful in blocking Sims. If you have a query about his content feel free and just ask in the comment box. We are here for you.

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