How To Test PTCL Speed – DSL & Wi-Fi Speed Checker

Due to the Pandemic situation all over the world, everyone needs the fastest possible internet connection. Check what’s PTCL network is providing the internet speed to you, is it according to their speed parameter or not. If you are curious and want to know then here I’m going to describe how to test PTCL speed – DSL & WIFI speed checker.

How To Test PTCL Speed - DSL & Wi-Fi Speed Checker

There are a lot of reasons for people to test internet speed. Sometimes it’s because they want the fastest internet connection that’s why they are curious about the internet speed. Nowadays everyone is bound in their houses because of the spread of corona-virus across the world. Even offices and school are doing their task online and therefore they don’t want any buffering during the use of the internet.

With all of that let’s dive into the main concerning topic PTCL speed test- Each and everything you want to know about 4G/DSL connection.

Test PTCL Speed:

PTCL speed test is simply a tool like other speed checking tools to check out your internet connection speed. This speed test tool is supported by almost all devices including laptops, mobile phones, PC systems, and more. It calculates the data transfer rate per second of your internet connection. This data transfer rate is calculated by finding the nearest internet-connected server from your location and then the transfer of internet data between the server and your system. The data transfer affects your actual speed of internet connection which is measured by the file transferring rate into your system through the internet connection.

How does PTCL Speed Test work?

PTCL speed test service tool helps you to check out your current PTCL internet connection speed. In Pakistan, the number of internet users increasing significantly, and approximately there are more than 44 million users. While using your internet if you are facing any issues like internet speed or buffering issues then you must check out your internet connection by PTCL speed test.

It is easy to use you just have to click on the start button but make sure your all devices are disconnected from the PTCL connection to get the accurate result. Click on the start button of the PTCL speed test and it will do the rest of the things according to your internet speed. After few minutes the speed test results will appear on your screen with your internet connection download and upload speed.

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There are a lot of factors that affect the speed of your internet connection. It could be of sharing your PTCL internet connection with your friends or family members. Most of the common issues are latency, weather, download speed, upload speed, device’s distance from the internet connection, and more. Here latency is the response time of a server in which the server received the first byte of the data.

After that when a file uploaded to the server by any computer is called uploaded time. Similarly, the time taken to download the file is called download time. In the end, the weather also affects your PTCL internet connection. Your internet fiber cable may break because of a heavy wind storm or your connection may get damaged by the hot weather.

Why you should check your speed of the internet connection?

When you are continuously facing issues of slow internet speed and your system is buffering even if it is connected to the internet. Sometimes the company operators don’t provide you the exact Mbps speed of the internet that you pay for. To verify your actual speed of the internet you must have to use the PTCL speed test tool. Moreover, you can also know exactly what you are paying for your internet connection.

Here you can find the latest 20 Speed Tests of the PTCL connection and also the fastest cities for PTCL below tables.

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Latest 20 Speed Tests

DATE Country Latency (ms) Jitter (ms) Download Speed (Kbps) Upload Speed (Kbps)
2021-03-31 Pakistan 88 10 9107 8389
2021-03-31 Pakistan 25 44 6404 721
2021-03-31 Pakistan 24 1 1432 344
2021-03-31 Pakistan 36 3 13096 728
2021-03-31 Pakistan 41 151 1080 485
2021-03-31 Pakistan 32 51 3760 931
2021-03-31 Pakistan 51 36 6878 623
2021-03-31 Pakistan 10 3 3534 876
2021-03-31 Pakistan 22 2 6759 3932
2021-03-31 Pakistan 31 14 3408 911
2021-03-31 Pakistan 26 2 9023 632
2021-03-31 Pakistan 79 3 1117 650
2021-03-31 Pakistan 85 94 7092 6344
2021-03-31 Pakistan 11 9 2729 876
2021-03-31 Pakistan 21 5 1154 3712
2021-03-31 Pakistan 30 227 3761 839
2021-03-31 Pakistan 3 1 15288 14748
2021-03-31 Pakistan 30 2 10844 865
2021-03-31 Pakistan 43 7 1274 632
2021-03-31 Pakistan 18 2 7744 7557
2021-03-31 Pakistan 26 5 15313 7066

Fastest Cities For PTCL

City Avg Download Speed (Mbps) Upload Speed (Mbps) Avg Ping (ms)
Kotla Arab Ali Khan 38 24 25
Baldher 33 27 26
Duman 33 32 15
Jam Ali Muhammad Kallar 30 9 4
Adam Shah 27 24 34
Chopa 24 16 9
Sakhi Sarwar 23 13 4
Rawat 21 2 3
Qazian 21 17 2
Talagang 21 21 36
Chak Nineteen- Gogera Distributary 20 10 3
Harun 20 18 55
Chak Three Hundred Seven Gugera Branch 19 18 7
Jalalia 18 16 19
Mianke Mor 18 12 47
Tordher 17 12 29
Jamki 17 7 4
Goth Sufan Jākhro 16 14 34
Saidan 16 17 38
Ghorghushti 16 11 43

Final Words:

Here you have all of it guys. I hope that the information I have provided here about the “PTCL Speed Test, DSL & Wi-Fi speed checker” will be quite helpful for you. If you are facing speed issues with your internet connection, you can check it by following our above-mentioned steps.

Similarly, if you are facing any issues with our content feel free to contact us or just ask in the comment section. We would be pleased to assist you.

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