How to Start an Online Food Business from Home in Pakistan?

Pakistani is known for its food as people here love to try different food. Food is one of Pakistan’s biggest businesses because everyone loves to eat here in Pakistan. If you want to start your own business then the food business can be the best option for you. But one of the biggest issues that how they can start a food business on a low budget as the rent of any restaurant can be very expensive. So, you can start the food business from your home.

Here’s how you can do that:

How to start a Food business in Pakistan from home:

Starting any business becomes easier in Pakistan nowadays with the availability of the internet. Now, with the help of the internet, everyone can promote his or her business. Many people started the food business from home and they are running it successfully.

But before starting any business in Pakistan, we need to analyze different factors and need to take different decisions. Here are some of the things that may help you to start your home-based food business in Pakistan.

Find your Niche:

First of all, you need to find your niche regarding your business. This means that you have to decide what kind of food you want to sell, where to sell and how to sell the food. There are different types of food niches in Pakistan like desi food, Chinese food, continental food and food delivery services, baked food, and catering. All you need to find which one you want to do. Finding the perfect niche will help you to grow your business.

Find the Target Audience:

One of the most important tasks is to find the targeted audience. Here, you need to find the audience that which type of audience you have and which type of audience you are doing to target. You also have to analysis what type of food you are selling and what type of food your audience like. If you have the office near you then you need to sell food respectively. When you become enough able to find the audience and their needs then you can run the business successfully.

Take a look at the market:

The most important thing to do is that you need to have a look at market researchers. It is because as we know that the food business is quite competitive and there are a lot of home food businesses and other food businesses available in Pakistan and everyone wants to get more customers.

So, you need to check out some of the strategies, also check out the prices of others as well. If you are providing qualitative food at low prices then it will be very effective for your business.

Creating business and food plan:

Business planning is very important for every type of business in the world. If you don’t have a good business plan then the chances of business development are very low. So, in order to start your own business and want it to succeed then you must have a successful business plan.

In the food business, a meal or food plan is also very important as people want qualitative food at an attractive price. So, it is better to have a business plan as well as a meal plan.

Following are the things you need to plan:

  • Cost of selling food
  • Per meal expense
  • Good service and qualitative food
  • Location
  • Ingredient expense
  • Electricity, gas and internet expense
  • Menu card
  • Plastic or cardboard meal boxes
  • Meal storage capacity
  • Hygiene food
  • Quick service

You need to make a business plan and meal plan according to your targeted audience and selected niche. Make sure that you made a good and attractive meal plan and business plan so that you can earn as much as possible.

Make an attractive Marketing strategy:

Marketing strategy helps you a lot in order to engage your audience. Every business needs a marketing strategy as it is the only way to engage your audience. Many people or businesses use different marketing strategy but the one who is having the best strategy will get more audience.

Following are the types of marketing strategy you need to follow:

  • Social media marketing like Instagram, Facebook, and others.
  • Ask your friends to promote your business.
  • Update every week.
  • Spread brushers and posters in your city.

You can also upload ads on YouTube as well as in Newspapers. You can use any website for the promotion of your business. By following such kind of strategy, you can earn a good amount of money as well as you can get more customers.

Choose a Unique name:

After selecting a niche, business plan, and marketing strategy then it is time to select a unique name for your business. Name matters a lot. If you have a unique name that attracts people then it will also impact your business a lot as it is critical or positively impact your marketing, branding, and overall business.


When you are done with all the points mentioned above then it’s time for the branding. You need to make unique and attractive posters and logos about your brands and food. The more you have attractive logos about food the more people will attract to your brand.

When you are done with making the logos and posters then you can use WixWordPress, and Shopify to make your website E-commerce. If you can’t upload them there then you can use Facebook and Instagram pages.

You can also use or register your business in FoodPanda for better sales as it will help you to deliver your food to the whole city. Making your business digital will help you a lot to run a stable and developed business in Pakistan as it is a digital world.

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