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Jazz TikTok Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly 2023

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in Pakistan, with over 40 million users. Jazz is the leading mobile network operator in Pakistan, and it offers a wide range of Jazz TikTok packages for all users. Jazz TikTok packages are affordable, offer high-speed internet, and have wide coverage. You can select Jazz hourly, daily, or Monthly Tiktok package according to your needs.

Jazz Daily TikTok Packages

If you are a daily TikTok user then using a Jazz 3G or 4G SIM card you can activate jazz daily TikTok packages.

Jazz 1-Day TikTok Package Code

  1. You can get 30 Mb 4G internet by dialing *114*5#. This package costs PKR 27 and is only good for one day (24 Hours). Details are provided below.
  • Data: 30 Mbps
  • Price: PKR 27
  • Validity: 1 Day
  • SUB-Code: *114*5#
  • Status check Code: *114*5*2#

2. To receive 50 Mbps internet, dial *117*11#. This data only costs PKR 12 and is valid for 1 day.

  • Data: 50 Mbps
  • Price: PKR 12
  • Validity: 1 Day
  • SUB-Code: *117*11#
  • Status Code: *117*11*2#

Jazz 3-Day TikTok Package Code

For Rs. 46 over three days, you can get 1GB of internet data with the 3 Days TikTok Package Jazz. You will also get 100 Jazz call minutes with this package.

  • Internet 1 GB
  • Validity 3 Days
  • Charges Rs.46
  • On-Net 100
  • Jazz 3 Day TikTok Package Code *631#
  • Status Code *631*2#

Note: If you use all of the MBs from your Jazz TikTok package in one day, you will run out of MBs afterward. Then you will need to subscribe for a new TikTok package again.

Jazz Weekly TikTok Package Code

For Heavy TikTok users Jazz has introduced Weekly Tiktok Packages. You will receive 12 GB for TikTok for the next 7 days by dialing *117*14#. Additionally, it offers countless Jazz Minutes. This bundle costs PKR 135 and is available from 8 am to 6 pm.

  • Data: 12GB
  • Price: PKR 135
  • Validity: 7 Days (8 am to 6 pm)
  • SUB-Code: *117*14#
  • Status Code: *117*14*2#

Jazz more weekly Tiktok package

Jazz also offers 200 Mbps for TikTok and 500 Mbps for standard 4G data. To activate this bundle, dial *117*7#. The cost is only PKR 75.

  • Data: 500 + 200 Mbps
  • Price: PKR 75
  • Validity: 7 Day
  • SUB-Code: *117*7#
  • Status Code: *117*7*2

Jazz Monthly TikTok Package Code

Jazz tiktok monthly packages are also available. These packages are created specially for the TikTok app. You will get MBs that can access the TikTok App and the internet.

For 30 days, get 15GB (15000 Mbps) ONLY TikTok by dialing *117*30#. The offered price is only PKR 650.

  • Data: 15GB
  • Price: Rs 650
  • Validity: 30 Day
  • SUB-Code: *117*30#
  • Status Code: *117*30*2#

How to Subscribe to a Jazz TikTok Package

To subscribe to a Jazz TikTok package, simply dial the subscription code from your phone’s dialpad or you can use the Jazz World App to activate any package.

Once you have subscribed to a TikTok package, you will receive a confirmation message. You can then start using TikTok immediately.

Why Jazz is the Best for TikTok Packages in Pakistan

Jazz is the leading mobile network operator in Pakistan, with over 70 million subscribers. It offers a wide range of TikTok packages to suit the needs of all users, from daily users to hardcore monthly content creators.

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