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Top 10 Pakistani TikTok Stars 2023 | Followers & Earning

Tiktok is one of the most used apps nowadays with the help of that Pakistani TikTok Stars earn a lot. Millions of Pakistanis are watching TikTok videos these days, at the same time we have seen a lot of people providing great entertainment and fun in Pakistan through TikTok. TikTok is one of the top-positioned applications and its number of downloads has surpassed 500 million.

There are over 100 million users on Tik Tok without any doubt, but only a few of them made it to the top. We have made a list of the top 10 Pakistani TikTokers Star of Pakistan. Let’s have a look at them:


Top 10 Famous Pakistani TikTok Stars

1. Jannat Mirza


Jannat Mirza Famous Pakistani Tiktok starJanat Mirza is the BIGGEST Pakistani TikTok star and one of the most popular Pakistani tiktokers at the moment. She is only 24 years old and has gained a lot of fans at a very young age. Janat Mirza belongs to a Punjabi family from Faisalabad and has been a Fashion & art student. But recently she moved to Japan for higher education.

Jannat is a shining star of Tik Tok with 22.5MFollowers 648.6M Likes on videos.


2. Kanwal Aftab


 Kanwal Aftab Famous tiktok StarKanwal Aftab is a Pakistani social media star who gained popularity through Urdu point and now gaining popularity through Tiktok. She was born in Lahore and is only 22 years old. Kanwal is studying BS in Mass Communication from the University of Central Punjab (UCP). She is affiliated with Urdu Point as the host of the program and is shooting with various online brands and TV shows. She is also the wife of famous TikTok star Zulqurnain. She is making a lot of videos that her fans love very much. These stars also have WhatsApp group link pakistan in which they interact with each other.
Currently, Kanwal has 18.2M Followers on Tiktok and 427M video hearts.

3. Zulqarnain Sikandar

zulqarnain sikandar pic

Zulqarnain Sikandar is a famous Pakistani tiktoker who has been ruling the hearts of Pakistani people and especially girls. He was born in Gujrat and 22 years old. Zulqarnain makes funny videos on Tik Tok and entertains his followers. He is a creative person and his videos have impressions. His recording is a testament to his bright future, which will clearly be in the Pakistani showbiz industry.

Currently, Zulqarnain has 15.9 Million Followers on Tiktok and 746 Million video hearts. According to video hearts, Tiktok is the most famous Tiktok Star.


4. Alishbah Anjum


Alishbah Anjum pic Alishbah Anjum is one of the most beautiful and talented TikTok in Pakistan and also the sister of Jannat Mirza. She is known for her beautiful smile and beautiful looks. She is known for her funny videos on TikTok. Alishbah was born in Faisalabad and belongs to Punjabi Family. She usually shares photos of her fashion outfits and modeling on her Instagram.

Currently, Alishbah has 14.5 Million Followers on Tiktok and 421 Million video hearts.


5. Ali Khan

Ali Khan Haiderabadi picture

Ali Khan Hyderabadi is the most famous Pakistani TikTok star and actor famous for his Stylish Solomon walk with red glass. 23 years old Ali khan was born and raised in Hyderabad Sindh, which has millions of fans. He is very talented, outstanding personality, and has an attractive look.

Currently, Ali khan has 16.8 Million followers on Tiktok and 921 Million video hearts.


6. Dolly (Nousheen Saeed)


Dolly Pakistani TiktokerNousheen Saeed aka Dolly is another famous Pakistani social media star who has gained popularity through her lip-sync app TikTok. Dolly was born in Lahore and belongs to Punjabi Family. She has been running a Beauty salon for 10 years and has been very successful in modeling and shows. Dolly is known for hosting big fashion events in Lahore. She believes in introducing new faces to the Pakistani fashion industry.

Currently, Dolly has 14.2 Million Followers on Tiktok and 389 Million video hearts.

7. Malik Usman Asim 


Malik Usman Asim  Malik Usman is a famous Pakistani TikTok star who gained a lot of fame through his once interesting and entertaining videos. He is an emerging talent and people are enjoying his funny videos. Usman is a unique video creator in Pakistan and appeals to consumers to connect with him through his hashtag #famousmolvi

Currently, Malik Usman has 10.8 Million followers on Tiktok and 403 Million video hearts.


8. Nadeem Mubarak


Nadeem Mubarak Nani Wala Nadeem Mubarak is one of the famous Social media personalities of Pakistan. 25 years old Nadeem was born and raised in Lahore and is known for his TikTok videos Nadeem Nani wala. Currently, he lives in London and becomes more famous with his song Cute Jehi Look.

Currently, Nadeem has 11 Million followers on Tiktok and 472 Million video hearts.

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9. Areeka Haq


Areeka Haq pic Areeqa Haq is a Pakistani social media star who became famous for her videos on Twitter. Only 19 years old Areeka was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. She is known for her elegant looks and glamorous videos on Tik Tok and has done a lot of promotions for brands. Areeka She has been more famous on TikTok due to her song Tum Tum with Asim Azhar.

Currently, Areeka has 11.1 Million Followers on Tiktok and 296 Million video hearts.


10. Phoollu (Toqeer Abbas)

Phoollu picture


Phoolu became famous on Tik Tak through his funny and well-choreographed videos. Phoolu is one such person from an urban area of ​​Pakistan and has been entertaining on tickets. He was born in Mandi Bahauddin into an ordinary family, he has gained a great reputation for his abilities and hard work

Currently, Phoolu has 9.9 Million Followers on Tiktok and 403 Million video hearts.

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