How to Reply to WhatsApp Message Without Appearing Online?

Reply to WhatsApp Message Without Appearing Online

Most people don’t allow other people to see them online and a lot of people don’t know how they can hide appearing online.

So, today we will tell you how to read and reply without becoming online. In this way, people and other people will never see whether you are chatting or not.

WhatsApp is one of the most useable applications in the World. Every person prefers WhatsApp for chatting or for sharing their pictures or videos because it has good privacy and safety. When we compare WhatsApp with any other instant chatting app, then WhatsApp is more secure than others also it provides many other features.

Want to know the best part: WhatsApp is available both for IOS and Android devices.

Most people want to reply on Whatsapp without appearing online as most people don’t want others to see them online and some want to avoid long chatting but most people don’t know how to do this.

So, if want to show your status offline then we will help you in this regard. If you are using Whatsapp on Android mobile then you can replay on Whatsapp without appearing online.

Interestingly: there are different methods to reply to Whatsapp messages without online appearing that are following.

  • Replay from Notification Panel
  • Offline method (Airplane Mode)
  • Using Unseen Android App

Replay from Notification Panel

If you reply to Whatsapp messages from the notification panel then it will not make you online anymore. From the notification panel, you can also read messages without appearing online and others can’t see your online status.

If you have the latest version of Android on your mobile (Android 8 or Android 9) then you can reply to messages without showing online by using the drop-down menu.

Simply you can tap the Replay icon and send messages from there.

Offline Method

Firstly, you have to disable all connections on your mobile by turning on Airplane mode. Just disable all the connectivity.

When you are done, now open the conversation window (where you want to replay).

Now, write the message and send it, after that close Whatsapp from your mobile.

Now, reconnect your data connection by disabling Airplane mode. In this way, you will send messages without appearing online on Whatsapp.

Using Unseen Android App

This is another method, through this you can send or receive messages via WhatsApp without knowing others by using the Unseen Android App. This is an  Incognito Whatsapp mode, that allows you to read messages without appearing online.

After reading the messages, you can replay the messages as well without getting online. You can use the Unseen app directly to reply to the messages but in this way, it will show you online or show your status online.

Other Method

👉First of all, just open your Google play store.

👉In the search bar, type GB chat offline for Whatsapp and install it on your Mobile.

👉Once the installation is completed, just click on the open icon to open it.

👉After opening it, click on the arrow

👉After that, click or press on grant permission then click on allow.

👉When you have done with it, then click on the arrow icon. After that, it asks again to grant permission.

👉Now, click on it to grant permission.

👉When you click on it, it will shift you to the notification access, where you have to grant permission for GB chat Offline by clicking on it. After clicking on it there will be an option appearing on the screen, just click on allow there.

👉After that, go back to the app and click on the arrow option.

👉Now, finally, this application is ready to use.

👉Now, you can see another message without a blue tick even if you saw their message.

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