Cement rate Pakistan

Cement Price in Pakistan Today Dg, Bestway, Lucky, Paidar, Maple Leaf

Leading Cement Companies in Pakistan

  • Bestway Cement
  • Lucky Cement
  • Dg Cement
  • Maple Leaf Cement
  • Fauji Cement
  • Pioneer Cement
  • Parkland Cement
  • Askari Cement
  • Kohat Cement
  • Attock Cement
  • Flying Cement
  • Falcon Cement
  • Pakcem Cement

Cement Rate In Pakistan Today [Updated]

Serial NoBrandDateUnitPrices
1Flying Cement28-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1175
2Bestway Cement28-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1210
3Bestway Xtreme Bond28-Oct-2320kg Per bag740
4Bestway SRC28-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1350
5Bestway Pakcem28-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1210
6Cherat Cement OPC28-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1205
7DG Cement OPC28-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1215
8Kohat Cement28-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1215
9Fauji Cement28-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1215
10Lucky Cement OPC28-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1185
11Maple Leaf Cement OPC24-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1240
12Maple Leaf White Cement24-Oct-2340kg Per Bag2100
13Maple Leaf Cement SRC24-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1395
14Pioneer Cement24-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1215
15Paidaar Cement24-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1215
16Flying Cement (Sindh)24-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1070
17DG Cement OPC ( Sindh)24-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1210
18DG Cement SRC (Sindh)24-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1310
19Lucky Cement OPC(Sindh)24-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1050
20Power Cement OPC ( Sindh )24-Oct-2350kg Per Bag1160
Cement price today

White Cement Price Today [Updated]

White cement price today

Factors Influencing Cement Prices in Pakistan

Several factors contribute to the fluctuations in the cement rate in Pakistan, including the current cement price, the cement price today, and the prevailing cement price in the country.

The cost of production stands as a significant determinant of cement prices in Pakistan. Production expenses encompass raw material costs, labor expenses, and transportation charges. The price of raw materials like limestone, clay, and gypsum tends to vary, thereby impacting the production cost of cement. Furthermore, labor and transportation costs also influence the final price of cement.

Demand and supply dynamics represent another influential factor affecting cement prices in Pakistan. When the demand for cement rises, prices generally increase, while a scarcity in supply can also drive prices higher. Pakistan has experienced a surge in construction activities, leading to heightened demand for cement. The construction of new housing societies, commercial structures, and infrastructure projects has consequently bolstered the demand for cement.

Additionally, government policies and taxes play a role in shaping cement prices in Pakistan. The imposition of taxes by the government on the cement industry can amplify the production cost of cement, thus causing an upturn in the final price.

Precautions and Guidelines for Working with Cement

  1. Ensure to wear waterproof gloves and a full-sleeve shirt while handling cement to protect against potential skin or respiratory issues caused by its high pH value.
  2. Store cement bags in a dry location to prevent moisture absorption.
  3. Avoid storing cement for extended periods as it may lose its strength over time.
  4. Handle and store cement with utmost care to maintain its quality and fineness.
  5. Exercise caution during transportation to prevent any damage or spillage.
  6. During winter, cover the cement with plastic bags to shield it from moisture.

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