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Best Prepaid Virtual Cards For Online Shopping In Pakistan

Which are the best virtual cards for online shopping in Pakistan?- If you are finding the same query solution then you are at exactly the right place where you will find all about virtual cards info.


With the online shopping trend, Pakistan is not getting slow as other countries do all over the world. For that purpose everyone using virtual cards for online shopping. The trend of e-commerce shopping has become more popular in Pakistan especially after daraz. pk has started the shopping operations for online shopping. Whether you want online shopping from daraz or any other online platform, virtual cards best for you.

About Virtual Prepaid Debit Cards:

Shopping on the internet is becoming more popular day by day. People are using their computers and their phones to purchase goods from online stores. It is, therefore, important that you also have a method of protecting yourself when you shop on the World Wide Web.

Virtual cards for online shopping in Pakistan and other parts of Asia are a perfect method of doing so. If you want to protect your financial information, you will definitely want to consider having one of these cards.

Virtual prepaid cards can be purchased at any ATM machine and they are also available with many retailers online. You can even get hold of these cards online, but make sure that you choose a reputed retailer so that your card details remain safe and secured.

Virtual cards for online shopping in Pakistan are very easy to use and they are extremely reliable when you need to make purchases. Shopping online can be a lot more convenient than shopping in person and Virtual cards for online shopping in Pakistan are an ideal option.

Top 4 Virtual Cards For Online Shopping in Pakistan:

After the complete research, we have found for you the top 3 virtual cards for online shopping in Pakistan. Let’s discuss why these virtual at the top of our list and what they have features.

Faysal Bank Virtual Card for Online Shopping

Faysal Bank Virtual Card for Online Shopping


Faysal bank has been around since the year 1961 and providing the best services to its users. Now it is also providing virtual cards means that you don’t have to carry around lots of money as there are no credit checks carried out.

Faysal bank virtual card is empowered by MasterCard and works as a one-time usage store valued card. it is easy to apply for a Faysal bank virtual card online by simply going through the secure online application form. One of the best things about Faysal bank’s cards is the ease of use.

How to get Faysal Bank Virtual Card?

It is a very simple process and does not take very long to receive your new Faysal bank card. Once you have submitted your details you will be sent a verification email. That will require you to check your details to verify that you are indeed a real customer of Faysal bank. Once this is all over you can then log into your account and start applying for whatever card you want. The user just has to follow the below-mentioned steps to get their Faysal bank card.

  • Open your browser, then go for the Faysal digibank and sign in to internet banking.
  • For card creation, you have to enter your new virtual card details including a 16-digit card number, issue, and expiration date, and also have to enter the verification code that will be visible on internet banking.
  • Now select the Mastercard as a payment type on the merchant website to use the Faysal bank virtual card for online shopping.


  • As it is mentioned above this virtual card is backed with MasterCard which means it can be used anywhere
  • It has a limit of 10 transactions up to 200,000
  • Fast and free reload (0% charges)
  • It can be used as a debit card locally and internationally
  • Reduces the chance of the theft card because of virtual appearance
  • Make multiple reload through the app


Of course, everything has its benefits and disadvantages also, so now the disadvantages of the Faysal Bank virtual cards are given below.

  • Because of the virtual presence, the user can’t withdrawals from ATM
  • The monthly subscription of this Faysal bank virtual card can take place to the 6 months because the subscription expired after 6 months
  • Moreover, you can’t swipe it any retailer outlet or store for sale

UBL WIZ Virtual Card:


United Bank Limited is one of the top banks for online services and many more. For that purpose, UBL bank is providing the UBL WIZ virtual card that will allow secure e-commerce purchases to kill the upcoming needs of online payment.UBL WIZ Virtual Card:

How to get a UBL WIZ Virtual Card?

The user must have an account in the UBL bank to get their virtual card, And if they have an account then the users have to follow the below mention steps.

  • Log in to the UBL internet banking (Need to register yourself)
  • Dial 11-825-888 to request for UBL WIZ virtual card because these are by default disabled for online shopping

On submission of the requirements, you will receive an SMS or email with a card number

After that, the users have to submit the 300+FED fee for the creation of a virtual card. For international transactions, the user will be charged 4% of the transaction in USD or PKR.  Otherwise, there are no charges for card reload or local transactions through virtual cards.

In case of your payment declined or rejected, you will be fined

  • 5/PKR on the local transaction
  • 35/PKR on international transaction

Pros of UBL WIZ Card:

  • The user can use the UBL WIZ Card anywhere all over the World where MasterCard & Visa Card is accepted
  • Provides convenient security and benefits of ATM
  • Having the facility of easy reload
  • Good customer support through helping a number

Cons of UBL WIZ Card:

Most of its disadvantages are related to the temporary blockage of virtual cards for international shopping. And for virtual cards, all requests are done through any nearest branch or by dialing the helpline number. Let’s discuss what the are these disadvantages.

  • No notification alert through email or an SMS, so the user don’t how much he/she paid per transaction
  • To reload your UBL Wiz  Card the user has to visit any nearest branch of the UB bank
  • There is no online platform for UBL bank virtual card services  or any dedicated app,
  • To check your balance or for mini-statement, the user has to visit the ATM or any nearest branch

3) MCB Lite Card for Online Shopping In Pakistan

MCB Lite Card for Online Shopping In Pakistan


MCB bank is one of the top banks for digital payments with free bank charges. It is committed to providing its best services to the customers.

To avail of the MCB Lite card, the users just have to pay an annual fee and don’t have to pay any extra charges. You can conduct or transaction the money with 0 % charges by using a mobile card or Visa card.

How to get MCB Lite Card?

Upon getting the MCB Lite Prepaid Virtual card, you have to get registered. For this purpose visit the MCB Lite Branches and fill out the application form. After fulfilling all of the requirements approval and verification, you to submit the fee. Now you will be registered in that account.

On successful registration, you will be notified through email or SMS which will instantly allow accessing your account. The user can set the PIN by calling on MCB Helpline 021-111-000-662.

MCB Lite virtual card is good for all kinds of online shopping. The annual fee of the MCB Lite is 300/PKR which is quite reasonable for users by providing exceptional features.  But overall its transaction and card reload are free of charges.


  • The user gets a notification on every successful transaction through an SMS or email
  • User can keep a record of all their transactions by log in to the web-based or through check-in from the app
  • Multiple options of depositing funds
  • User mobile is their MCB Lite Card number


  • Maximum limit of 200K per day, which means it is not good at the higher business level when you have to transact more than that
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to access the helpline line number
  • It has 3rd party charges

Alfa Virtual Debit Card:


Alfa Virtual Debit Card:Bank Alfalah is also providing the services of virtual debit cards for the flexibility and convenience of the users. By availing all of the features of Alfa virtual cards you can make every online payment possible. Alfa virtual debit card is backed up with MasterCard and it can be used where MasterCard or Visa card is accepted.

How to get Alfa Virtual Debit Card?

If you don’t have an Alfah account then you first have to make your account. After that, you have to follow the procedure to get your Alfa Virtual Debit Card.

  • Sign in to your Alfa account app then go for Menu > My Card or Click on a card in the “One-tap Lunch” menu
  • After that, click on the tap on Virtual debit card > Create a virtual debit card
  • Now select the wallet as source account > set your max daily limit* > Set the card expiry date
  • Accept the terms & conditions by clicking on it
  • In the end, enter OTP that you receive on your registered mobile number or email

Now you can use the Alfa virtual debit card for any monthly subscription of the services or online shopping in Pakistan.


  • Totally free without any hidden charges
  • Instantly generated without any hassle of filling lengthy documents
  • No activation required
  • Control over your spending
  • Secure online payment because Alfa Debit Virtual Cards are 3D secure


  • Its virtual card is enabled for domestic transactions and it will be enabled for international transactions at a later stage.

Advantages of Prepaid Virtual Cards:

There are many benefits of prepaid virtual cards but here some of them are described below:

  • Create your card instantly
  • No need to stand in long rows or no paperwork needed.
  • Choose your spending limits
  • Protect yourselves from online thefts and scams
  • Free & Instant card reloaded

Final Thoughts:

There are absolutely no credit checks carried out. You can use the card for any purpose and spend as you wish, whether it is for entertainment or for paying for goods. You do not have to worry about remembering lots of passwords because they are very easy to memorize.

Here you have all of it guys. I hope that the procedure I have provided to you will be quite understandable for you. If you still found any issues with this content feel free and just ask in a comment box. We would be pleased to assist you.

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