How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan and Earn Money Online?

Affiliate marketing is one of the smart earning platforms around all over the world. Are you getting interest in Affiliate marketing and want to earn from your end then you should have little bit knowledge about affiliate marketing. If you don’t know about affiliate marketing then that article will provide you all information from A to Z. You are here to learn the tactics of how to start affiliate marketing in Pakistan.

Make sure you are fully interested in starting affiliate marketing and want to learn how can I start affiliate marketing in Pakistan. Here you will know all steps of affiliate marketing that how can you place your first step on the ladder of affiliate marketing and reach the top. As I mentioned before you will learn here from A to Z about affiliate marketing and before going to directly top knowledge, I will be told you the basics of affiliated marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the way to earn money by promoting other brands products and get a commission from them. It basically a salesperson job because you are promoting other brands’ products by using different media. You are boosting their sales by your efforts and if it is helping them then the company gives you your commission whatever you contract with the company.

You are not bound to any company as a salesperson here you have plenty of options to earn from different ends by promoting different brands products. Do promotion of all brands products and get your commission.

What is Affiliate Marketing

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

When a merchant (a party that creates a product) gives you their sales product links and you place them on any sites, blogs, or social media profiles for promotion. When anybody clicks your placing link and the consumer reaches an original product that you are promoting, if the consumer buys that product through your link then you get your commission from the sales.

Basically when the consumer clicks on your preferred link a cookie file is stored in the merchant system and will lead the consumer to the original product which helps in sales.

Now we have to move on to the most important part of affiliate marketing how we can start affiliate marketing in Pakistan.

Let’s find out the tactics of affiliate marketing.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan?

Here I’m describing to you the most important steps of affiliate marketing and by following these steps you can easily do your affiliate marketing.

  • Decide on the platform
  • Choose your niche
  • Find affiliate programs
  • Create great content
  • Drive traffic to your sites
  • Promote affiliate links

Decide on Platform:

Starting affiliate marketing is easy and cheap but which platform you are going to use, that’s matters. There are plenty of options for those who want to start affiliate marketing by using different platforms like you-tube, blogs, Instagram, and many other social media.

Select your audience whom you are going to target. To get more affiliated sales, blogging and websites would be best because on these platforms targeting the audience is quite easy as compared to the rest of the platforms.

You can also use the Facebook, Insta, and you-tube platforms for promoting the products by placing links on these platforms. Create the video and upload it on you-tube which is free. Selecting your platform is the first step to start to affiliate marketing.

Choose your niche:

After deciding on the platform you have to choose your niche on which specific topic you are going to use. Nowadays most people start blogging and making their own you-tube channels through these platforms they are promoting different products.

When you come into this market you will find tons of competitors and expertise. Instead of covering the vast fields, you should narrow down your choice and keep working on that niche.

For example, if you cover the topic of “sports” which is quite vast, you should go for that topic sub-fields like cricket. If you narrow down your field choice then it will be quite easy to target the audience that you want for the product. To become a good affiliate marketer you should have to work with consistency and follow all these tactics, every single step makes you perfect.

Find affiliate Programs:

Make sure you have chosen your niche and now you have to find your affiliate programs. There are three categories of affiliate programs:

  1. High paying, low volume affiliate programs
  2. Low paying, high volume affiliate programs
  3. High paying, high volume affiliate programs

High-paying, low-volume affiliate programs:

These programs have high pay commissions but with low searches of your niche products. For high commission, you have to fully prepare for tough competition. If you are a beginner you should start with low payment options because there are millions of users having quite deep experience in this field and you may face more tough times than your expectations.

They have served a lot of time in this marketing and have handsome money in their pockets, so you should go for low-paying options.

Low paying, high volume affiliate programs:

These programs have low-paying options but have a high search volume of your niche products. These products can make you more commission because of the high search volume. In these programs, there are lots of products with high search volume and you can promote these products through many different platforms and increase your earnings from the commission.

High-paying, high-volume affiliate programs:

These affiliate programs have high-paying options with a high search volume for your niche products. Because of the high paying and high search volume, the competition would be very tough. For beginners, it would create difficulties because with a lot of experienced guys with handsome money are working in this marketing.

Nothing remains at the top forever, use your tactics and show consistency through ups and downs, so take your step forward.

After knowing about the affiliate programs, most people would be thinking about which affiliate program should choose for them. If you going for targeting a consumer audience then you should choose the 2nd affiliate program because of the low paying commission and high searches about your promotional products.

In the end, the best platform for Google search is Amazon, Click-bank, and much other software like these where you can start your affiliate marketing.

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Create great content

If you want more traffic to your site, your content matters. Don’t write blindly just write about your niche products. Google is hungry for content but you have to write content about your products according to Google searches.

Create your content like that when people read your content they should feel that they know the person behind the words. Keep more relevant things in your content and avoid irrelevant things. The relevancy of your content about your products would be more optimal for Google search.

Drive traffic to your sites:

The main purpose of any product promotion is to get more searches about products. People want more traffic on their sites and they often go for paid options. Through paid options, they can get traffic easily and one best-paid option is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you have resources and want to explore your business or products anywhere then you should go for SEO.

In this promotion of sites, you have to pay for Google ads and CPC (cost per click). The basic purpose of your product or business is to target the audience, once the traffic is set on your site through SEO strategies then your product promotion will be done easily.

Promote affiliate links

Promote affiliate links:

In the end, you have to promote your links. As much you clicked from your targeting audience on your links the more traffic would come to your site. Where do you have to place links?- the best way is that you should place your links in the content by using different variations of your keywords and according to them place your link.

Use the callout extensions by making different boxes and buttons on Google ads because of these, users are attracted more.

Don’t write the link at the end of the content because very few people scroll down and click on the links. Use them smartly in the content and clicks on them.


Here you have all of the information and tactics about how to start affiliate marketing in Pakistan. Keep in mind that nothing grows up in a day and like this affiliate marketing also take time to give you payback. Use all of the tactics and then start earning from your affiliate marketing.

I hope that the information I ‘have provided to you will be quite helpful to start your affiliate marketing. Stay connected for further updates.  

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