Top Best Online Shopping Website in Pakistan

Best Online Shopping Website in Pakistan

Most people of Pakistan want to do online shopping these days due to the quarantine period and online shopping is on trending in Pakistan these days.

Almost every person has a smartphone and with the increase of smartphones and the usage of the internet, online shopping becomes easier. The number of internet users in Pakistan is just 25% which is less than in other developed countries but still matters.

According to the prediction of a state bank, the ratio of online shopping has increased 2 times in Pakistan. Most people are worried about the best online websites as the number of online websites is also increased after the trend of online shopping. Many people are also scared of the scams of online shopping and they don’t know which one is the best and most reliable online shopping website.

We will tell you the top 10 best, most reliable, and most secure websites that will satisfy you completely. The following are the best top 10 sites in Pakistan.

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 ❣1. Daraz is one of the best and most popular online shopping websites in Pakistan. It is an online store that provides almost every product for males and females including clothes, footwear, home appliances, toy, kid’s products, mobile phones, jewelry, and many other accessories.

Best Online Shopping Website in Pakistan

Daraz is having 7+ million products all around Pakistan. The best thing about daraz is that it provides you with the best things at a discounted price. Daraz was a separate company at first but now it is the part of Ali Baba group.

 ❣ 2.WBMInternational

It is one of the best shopping sites in Pakistan. Its services are not only in Pakistan but also it deals with many other companies. It is a part of a well-known business group in the USA.

It allows you to buy their own products but if you want to buy the products of other famous brands then you can also buy those products using WBMInternational. The product on this website is the same as Amazon those are 600+ products.

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Want to know the best thing about WBMInternational: It allows you to buy the best quality genuine goods. Some products from this website are mostly imported from other countries.

WBMInternational offers many different sales and discounts in Pakistan as it is a new online shopping brand in Pakistan.

 ❣ 3.BestBuyMall

Best Buy Mall website is getting famous day by day and is a rapidly growing online shopping website in Pakistan. It is basically an online shopping mall and allows you to buy everything like groceries, fruits, vegetables, Baby Products, Home Care, Bakery, Dairy, Frozen Food, Cooked Food, meat, and many other items. It works as a broker that connects sellers with buyers.

It means that we can buy everything directly from the buyer. It will be the best option for you for online shopping.

 ❣ 4. Telemart is included in the best e-Commerce website in Pakistan. It has 27 years of excellent online service experience. This is included in the top 3 best e-commerce websites in Pakistan and has more than 150,000 products. It is the only e-commerce company having an omnichannel in Pakistan.

They first started their service with electronics and mobile phones only but now they added almost everything including healthcare products, women’s fashion, kid’s mart, men’s products, and many more.

 ❣ 5. Yayvo (TCS Connect) is an online web portal for shopping. This portal was launched by TCS in 2015. It is also a well-known courier company in Pakistan. It gets famous rapidly when it started online shopping services. Yayvo is having one of the fastest delivery services and allows you to buy online electronics from all over Pakistan.

 ❣ 6. Shophive

Shophive is a premium online store in Pakistan. It is the first e-Commerce website in Pakistan. It was launched in 2005 and has the most reliable products and prices. It allows you to buy home appliances, technology-based gadgets, and daily care products at a reasonable price.

It also gives many discounts offers to its customers. They will provide you with the best quality service and the best product quality.

 ❣ 7. HomeShopping

This website is basically for mobile purchasing. So, if you are finding the best website for purchasing mobile then you need Homeshopping. pk for this. It allows you to buy the latest brand gadgets of every brand. You can buy Laptops, Computers, Mac, Mobiles, and many other computer accessories using this website.

 ❣ 8. iShopping

It is one of the best online service Pakistani-based e-Commerce websites. It was developed to provide the best platform for communication between buyers and sellers. It allows you to buy almost every type of product with a cash-on-delivery option.

 ❣ 9. VMart

Vmart allows you to buy every gadget related to computer and computer accessories including mobile, gaming, electronics, and many other gadget accessories with the option of Cash on delivery. It also provides the true value of money to its customers with the services for its product.

 ❣ 10. Shop Daily

A project by that allows you to buy different products on a single website including women’s and men’s products, footwear, kid’s toys, and products and many other important things. Their vision is to provide the best quality product with the best services to their customers.

It provides you with the easiest way of shopping. It is still considered the emerging e-Commerce service in Pakistan.

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