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How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan?

How to Start freelancing and Earn Money in Pakistan?

Thinking about how to start freelancing in Pakistan? Want to take on freelancing websites in exchange for your skills? In this post, we will give you all hints about how to become a successful freelancer. These days lots of people work as a freelancer on several platforms.

Because of Covid, hit the world’s economy very badly and because of that many people got unemployed. There are people in millions who got unemployed because of this pandemic situation and as already in the struggle to develop, conditions of unemployment got much worse.

Freelancing is the perfect way to earn money while sitting at home and saving your health.

What is freelancing?

A freelancer is a free worker, which means there is no boss on top of your head. In freelancing only the client can be your boss.  A freelancer is an online worker who delivers his/her services to clients. Services can be graphic designing, video marketing, writing, web designing, and many more things.

When you finish their work clients will going to pay you in dollars. Freelancing is also known as working from home or from anywhere. In freelancing you can manage your time, there is no 9 to 5 job restriction. In freelancing, you work for different clients which is useful for gaining skills and expertise.  For freelancers, there are endless opportunities in Pakistan.

Things you need to do before starting freelancing

Make your mind

The first thing you have to do is to make up your mind about freelancing. Freelancing isn’t an easy task to do, at first you have to work hard on your profile as you are new to the business and think as you have to attract customers to your gig. Ensure you are giving enough time to your profile. Realize the nature of this business and start working hard.

Learn a skill

If you want to grow more into the freelancing business then you must have expert skill in your hand. Polish yourself and then learn new ways to attract clients. First, find out what skills you are good at and then start working on them. If you are worried about how to start then you can get help from many social media platforms. To learn a new skill you don’t have to pay. You can learn different skills from different learning sites and also from YouTube.

Create your portfolio

After polishing yourself, the main step is to learn how to create an attractive portfolio.  When you start to make your account on most earning websites then they demand you to drop your portfolio on their websites. Make your portfolio according to your skills, in which your mention your skills and recent projects you did.

A professional and good portfolio interests more clients. In a portfolio, try to sound professional and confident. Your portfolio should be unique and clear.

How to become a successful freelancer in Pakistan?

To become a good freelancer in Pakistan, the main thing is to get your mind fully prepared for it. Consistency is the best serious matter that defines your success. Learn a new skill and make time to work on your freelancing platform.

Learn how to do good communication with clients. Once they give you a project be humble and patient to your client. Always target to do a long-term relationship with clients. Make a professional portfolio and it will be a lot better if you can also make a professional website for your freelancing platform.

Honesty should be your priority with clients as you are representing your country. To win projects on this platform hard work and communication are the key to your success. The best thing about these freelancing sites is that you can grow without any investment.

You can grow and expand your business by making positive and good use of these platforms. But a freelancing career demands hard work and effort to get started.  But when you make up your mind to enter into the world of freelancing then you have to show consistency and patience and success is near to you. To be successful don’t try to make short ways.

Top Websites To Start Freelancing in Pakistan

You can start earning money on different websites available in Pakistan. If you’re a newbie, then social media platforms like Facebook are the best way to start. Win the trust of customers there and build your network there. Now select a freelancing platform and build your portfolio. Gather useful information about all the good earning web platforms through YouTube and Facebook. Now according to your expertise of skill start working.

Given below is the list of the top three earning websites in Pakistan.


In the freelancing world, Fiverr is the most used freelancing platform. It is a good platform for beginners to start working as it is easy to understand. The service of Fiverr includes marketing jobs, artists, graphic designing, video editing, web developers, writing jobs, programming, and many more.

Different clients hire gigs according to their needs based on ranking, pricing, previous performance, and ranking. You can easily withdraw payments through Payoneer in Pakistan through Fiverr.


For perfect earning Upwork is a famous platform. Clients post their projects on Upwork and you have to bid on their projects. If you have full expertise in your work and want to start professional work then Upwork is the ideal platform for you. From this platform, you can earn a good amount of money. The bids you make cost you Connects. You will get free 20 connections on making your account on Upwork.

You can get connections in exchange for money. Clients will make the payment when you complete the project. The customer will also leave a review on your profile, and this will help you a lot in making new clients.


Freelancer is one of the oldest fast-growing platforms. Recently freelancer has taken two strong giants Scriplance and V-work and it is a large platform. Making your account on freelancer is very easy to make and it is the best platform for beginners.

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