How to buy Products from AliExpress in Pakistan?

buy Products from AliExpress in Pakistan

AliExpress is one of the best online shopping websites to buy quality products sitting in Pakistan that is the part of Ali Baba group. AliExpress offers international products to its users. Basically, many Chinese small business holders created AliExpress for Pakistani customers.

The main purpose of this site was to provide good quality products at less prices. The prices on this site are less than market prices.

AliExpress is very famous in Pakistan these days. They will provide all products in good quality at low prices. On many products, you don’t need to pay additional taxes or customs duties.

Sometimes, many Pakistani customers are facing the problem of delivery as their product takes 40 to 50 days delivery time. But this is not a big issue, it is because your product is coming from another company and it will definitely take time.

Many people are confused about AliExpress because they don’t know how to use AliExpress and how to order on it. But we will guide you in this regard.

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How to Order Products on AliExpress?

  • First of all, find the product that you want to purchase.
  • When you find the required product then click on it, after that you will see the option of Buy Now there.
  • Simply, click on the option.
  • When you click on it then you need to select the color and the size of your product.
  • After that, you have to enter your name, contact number, and address.
  • When you are done with it then you have to select the payment method and then select the method of delivery and then pay your required money.
  • Now, place your order and that’s all. You are done with it.

You will receive your order after some days. AliExpress offers you the best services with protection.

Want to know the best thing: If you don’t receive your product or in case you received a broken product then AliExpress will return your partial or full money. But for that, you have to provide them with the evidence and if you are correct then they will surely return your money.

What we need to see while “Registered Air Mail”

There are different delivery methods on AliExpress, whenever you order something then you need to select Registered Air Mail. Some sellers are offering this delivery method while some of them aren’t offering.

Registered Air Mail offers ship-free delivery but if it cost then the cost of this is very low.

Where should I buy from AliExpress?

There are a lot of sellers on Ali-Express but you should buy from a well-known seller or to whom whose reputation is good. AliExpress allows you to feedback about your seller and your product. So, select a person who has a good number of reviews.

Protection of Buyer

Ali-Express always tries to protect the customer’s money. It allows you to refund or claim your money back if you didn’t receive the order or the product you received is broken. So, you should buy from a seller who is offering service for buyer protection.

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