USAT 2023 for admissions to the HEC undergraduate program

USAT 2023

Would you like to take the USAT test? Let us show you the USAT test pattern 2023

A university admissions test for undergraduates will be conducted by Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Universities will accept the results of the upcoming USAT-2023 to determine acceptance into their programs. To be accepted into any university’s BS program, candidates must apply online before the closing date. This is because candidates who do not pass the USAT test cannot be admitted.

University admission tests will take place quarterly in 2023, with the USAT scores accepted by universities. We will provide information about online registration forms, eligibility criteria, test dates, results, and a summary of the final qualifying candidates below.

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What is the undergraduate studies admission test USAT?

HEC offers the USAT test for applicants to undergraduate programs. All universities conduct their own entrance tests for undergraduate admissions.

HEC will notify undergraduate programs in 2023 about the USAT test. All undergraduate programs require this test for admission.

USAT was announced by HEC for what reason?

The news about the USAT test stunned all of the students. What was the purpose of HEC announcing this? Students, we are here to answer your questions.

It is true that many Pakistani students get into private universities every year without taking any entrance examinations. HEC decided to conduct an undergraduate program test for every university, public or private. This will allow education quality to increase.

Who is eligible to apply for USAT?

HEC is a governmental organization that controls higher education. Pakistan’s universities must follow the Higher Education Commission (HEC) rules and regulations to work. Here is an overview of which students can take the US-based SAT.

  • USAT will be required for all BS applicants.
  • The application for the USAT can be done by students who have passed their matriculation.
  • The students awaiting their results of part II of SSC can also apply for the USAT test pattern 2022.

USAT Test Pattern 2023

Part I and part II Detailed information
Total allowed time 140 minutes
Reasoning quantitatively 40
Scores on tests 75
Easy writing 400 words English either Urdu 25 25
A verbal reasoning process 35
Allowing for easy writing time 40 minutes

USAT 2023: How to apply

  1. To register, please visit the following HEC website HEC – Education Testing Council
  2. You can find more information about the online registration process by viewing Ticket System | HEC or contacting an HEC regional office.
  3. In order to submit an application, you must first complete the profile through the ” My Profile ” section. On the left-hand side of the online portal, click the ” Undergraduate Studies Admission Test” link.
  4. Applications submitted in SAVE or INCOMPLETE modes will not be considered for the USAT test.
  5. There is a cost of PKR1200 for each application for admission to undergraduate studies (USAT test pattern 2022). HBL’s account number is 1742 7900 1334 01. Applicants must pay their application fee in full on this account. This account’s name is the higher education commission.
  6. By the registration deadline, the applicants must send a copy of their deposit slips/ATM receipts/online transfers by courier to HEC Sector H8 in Islamabad, Member’s residence.

Centers for the USAT test

Pakistan’s largest cities will host the test initially. HEC will also announce more centers if the need increases.

  • Faisalabad
  • Lahore
  • Peshawar
  • Islamabad
  • Karachi
  • Hyderabad
  • Sargodha
  • Gujranwala

Marks required to pass the USAT

In order to apply for the USAT test, your marks do not have to be less than 33%. You have the option of taking the test without knowing your results.

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