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How To Create Amazon Prime Account In Pakistan

Amazon is one of the top online marketplaces all over the world. Most people find some difficulty to open their Amazon prime account because these are not guided sincerely by someone. If you are really searching for content that how to create an Amazon prime account in Pakistan then you are at the right place.Amazon Prime Account


As everyone knows Amazon is a huge platform to target the audience across the world. Some people have a keen interest to work on this platform to make their handsome earnings. Although Amazon doesn’t have any presence in Pakistan there are a lot of sellers who are using Amazon in Pakistan. You can also buy Amazon prime video membership in cheap. With the growing interest of Amazon users in Pakistan, we are now going to describe to you how to create an Amazon seller account in Pakistan.

With that’s all let’s move to create an Amazon prime account in Pakistan and what are the requirements to open an account.

How To Create Amazon Prime Account In Pakistan? Amazon Individual Or Professional Account:

There are 5 easy steps to open an Amazon seller account in Pakistan. If you follow the below mention steps then you can easily do this process otherwise you may found very difficult.

After choosing the ergonomic plan the user has to enter the username or password to sign in account. Otherwise, the users have to create a new account by entering an email or password and click on the create a new account.

After that, the user will be asked to enter the One Time Password (OTP) that will send to your registration email for an Amazon account. If you didn’t get the OTP on your email check your email that you have entered correctly or not.  Enter the OPT and click on “Create your Amazon account”

Business Location and Business Type:

Business Location: As the name suggests that the user has to select the country location where he/she want to present their business. Make sure users have a bank account or residency in that country where Amazon permits them to do business. Because Amazon isn’t available in Pakistan and you can not select the country business location as Pakistan. To sort out this issue you should have an address or account number of any Amazon Presence country.

Business type: Now you have to select your business type that you are going to start on Amazon. If you are signing up as an individual then select your business type “None, I am Individual”.

Then enter your Full name

After this click on the agree and continue to move on to the further process

Step 1: Provide Personal Information

For the registration of the account, the user has to enter all required personal information. The user will be asked to enter your passport number or driving license number and the mobile number not as a Pakistani. You can use the Virtual US number by purchasing from any legal number selling site.


After filling in the requirements click on the “Next”

Step 2: Select the Marketplace

In the second step, the user has to select the marketplace where he/she want to target the audience by selling their products. Amazon offers different marketplace including Amazon ca, Amazon UK, and more. For Pakistani, you have to select the virtual address of US country and any Amazon presence country.


As you complete the marketplace requirements you have to click on the “Next” to go for the next step.

Step 3: Billing Information

After the selection of the marketplace, the user has to provide billing information like credit card information. Amazon asks you to enter the expiry date of your credit card along with the name that appears on it.


On completing the requirements click on the “Next” button. Similarly, you can click on the previous button if you missed something in the previous step.

Step 4. Store/product Information:

After the billing information through credit card, you will be asked about your products on the Amazon store.

You just have to all about your store products which are mention below:

Your Amazon Store name

UPC codes for your products if you have or not

Are you a brand owner or a manufacturer, and representative, choose the option what you are.

Registered trademark of your product


After selecting the store information options, click on the “Next” 

Step 5: Verification Process

In the last step, the user has to go through the verification process to verify the business address that they have mentioned before.

On your displaying screen, you will be asked to enter the code that Amazon will send to your mentioned address through a postcard. Then you have to confirm to go for further processing.


After receiving the code through a postcard you to enter the code in the required section and click on Next to finish the verification process.


Now you have completed all of the processes and your account has been created as an Amazon seller.

Final words:

Here you have all of it. I hope that the information I have provided to you about “how to create an Amazon prime account in Pakistan” will be quite helpful for you. Follow these 5 simple steps which are mentioned above to create your Amazon seller account in Pakistan. Still, if you have any queries about this content, feel free and just in the comment box. We would be pleased to assist you.

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