Pakistan mobile industry assembled 21.28 m mobile sets

Pakistan Mobile Industry assembled 21.28 Million mobile sets.

In 2023, Pakistan made or put together 21.28 million mobile phones, according to the latest info from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Also, the country brought in 1.58 million mobile phones during that time, as per Gwadar Pro on Sunday.

Looking closely at the numbers, we see that about 93.1% of the phones were made or put together locally in Pakistan. This shows how much the local industry contributes.

On the other hand, only about 6.9% of the phones were brought in from other countries. This means the market is balanced, with both local and international phones available.

These numbers tell us a lot about Pakistan’s mobile phone industry. Most phones are made in Pakistan, which shows how capable the country is of meeting people’s needs and helping the economy.

Having a small percentage of phones brought in from other countries shows that Pakistan is smart about how it manages its market. It helps create competition, and new ideas and gives people choices.

These numbers don’t just talk about how many phones were made or brought in; they also tell us how strong Pakistan’s industries are. By making its phones, Pakistan doesn’t rely too much on other countries. It also helps create jobs and improve technology.

What’s more, having most of the phones made in Pakistan shows how policies to support local businesses are working well. It’s a great example of how planning and investing in local industries pay off.

These numbers also show something bigger than just phones. People in Pakistan like buying things made in their own country. It shows they’re proud of their country and want to support their local businesses.

These numbers can help leaders, businesses, and people see what’s happening in the mobile phone world. They show the importance of making things locally while also staying open to other countries’ products.

To sum up, the data from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority tells us a lot about how Pakistan’s mobile phone industry is doing. With most phones being made locally, Pakistan shows it can take care of itself and grow its economy. By balancing local production with imports, Pakistan keeps its phone market lively and gives people plenty of options.

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