Petrol Price in Pakistan

Petrol Price in Pakistan: Expected petrol rates from Feb 1

In Karachi, the prices of petrol and diesel in Pakistan are likely to go up soon because of changes in how much oil costs around the world. Techbeast found out that the prices of petrol and high-speed diesel will rise by about Rs9 per liter in the next two weeks.

This increase is expected because the prices of petrol and diesel have been going up globally, and Pakistan’s government-owned petroleum companies will have to pay more to bring these fuels into the country. Kerosene and light diesel prices are also expected to rise in the coming weeks.

In February, petrol is expected to cost around Rs285 per liter, and diesel around Rs281 per liter. Currently, petrol is priced at Rs259.34 per liter and diesel at Rs276.21 per liter.

At the end of January, the value of the Pakistani rupee compared to the US dollar got a bit better, which means it takes fewer rupees to buy one dollar. However, the petroleum company still had to pay an extra $2 per barrel for both petrol and diesel.

February Petrol Price in Pakistan


Current Petrol Price in Pakistan


In the last price change, the temporary government reduced petrol prices by Rs8 per liter to help ease the financial burden on people.

Globally, the price of petrol went up from $83 to $89 per barrel in the past week, and diesel went up from $93 to $97 per barrel.

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