Zong Free Facebook Offer | How To Use Free Facebook On Zong

Do you want to use free Facebook with Zong?- If your answer is yes then stay with us, we are going to describe to you how to use free Facebook on Zong.

Zong Free Facebook Offer | How To Use Free Facebook On Zong

Zong is one of the largest telecom networks in Pakistan which provides the fastest internet services to its users. It provides different free services to the Zong customers including social offers and more. If you are a Zong SIM user, this content will be quite helpful for you Otherwise, to enjoy these free FB services, you have to switch to Zong.

Let’s move to the process of using Facebook without any balance through Zong Network.

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Free Facebook on Zong:

The first method of using Facebook through Zong is to create your FB account from the Zong number. After creating an FB account the user can use the free Facebook for 14 days. These FB-free resources may not be applied to Facebook audio and video calls.

In this Facebook feature, the user can view pictures on the newsfeed free for 14 days.

Facebook Flex:

Facebook Flex is the best feature for Zong customers to use free FB with zero balance, In which the lightswitch toggle button will be available for Android users and IOS it will be available through a web browser. Moreover, Flex features allow the Zong users to switch between the Free mode and the DATA mode of Facebook.

There is no subscription code for the Facebook flex feature, the user just turns on the mobile data and uses this feature. Moreover, users can check out the messages and comments but can’t post any rich data like videos or HD+ photos.

Reconnect 30-days Inactive SIM:

The user can get the 4GB Internet package by activating their 30-day inactive SIM. This free internet package is available for 60 days for using free FB, insta, and all other apps. After activating the Zong SIM, you have to dial *2244# to get free 4GB of Internet data.

How to subscribe Facebook monthly package?

The user can also subscribe to the Facebook monthly package with charges. Here you have the code in the description below.

Dial *250#

Volume: 4GB

Cost: Rs. 50

FAQs By Zong Network Users

Question 1: How can I use free Facebook and WhatsApp on Zong?

Answer: Zong network users can enjoy Facebook anywhere anytime even without balance by turning to the FREE Facebook mode in which they will be able to like posts, post statuses, comments, chat and send friend requests.

Question 2: Is messenger free on the Zong network?

Answer: Yes, Zong 4G SIM allows you to use Messenger for free.

Question 3: What is the social pack in Zong?

Answer: Zong’s daily social pack allows Zong users to use Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter all day long. But sadly, the social pack comes with a data limit of 100MBs and you can only use these 100MBs socially.

Question 4: How to check Zong Facebook MBs?

Answer: To check the remaining Zong Facebook MBs dial *102#.

Final Words:

Here you have all of it guys. I hope that the content I have provided to you about “how to use free Facebook on Zong” will be quite helpful for you. All Zong users can use Facebook free with zero balance. If you have any issues with this content feel free and just ask in the comment section. We are here for you.

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