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5 Best Handsfree in Pakistan

Best Handsfree in Pakistan

If you are searching for an excellent handsfree in Pakistan, it is a tough thing due to the numerous options in the market. 

Handsfree is a significant thing for those who depend on their phones for communication, meetings, and other work. For instance, during the time of the pandemic, when we were doing work from home, we had to stay in touch while staying at home. 

We were communicating online with our colleagues, friends, and delivery guys for work or online shopping purposes. Still, we require to work from home in different scenarios, and we need a good handsfree with clear voice experience for this purpose. 

CyberMart has a variety of excellent hands-free collections on its online store at the best price rates. We need to consider a few things when choosing hands-free. 

First of all, you have to check its sound quality, it should deliver sounds of different frequencies without quashing any frequency. The Ronin R9 is the best one with clear sound quality. A few high frequencies are violin, flute, guitar, plates, and female vocals. 

Moreover, you should take into account the earphone’s build quality because it represents how well it is constructed. It should be able to tolerate falls, rough handling, and stretches. 

Then check the durability rating to know if it is long-lasting or not. After carefully checking these things hands-free you can select good earphones that are worth your money. Gionee handsfree is very popular due to its excellent features and durability.  

We represent in this article the five best handsfree in Pakistan. 

Samsung AKG In-Ear S10 Model

The first handsfree for you in this article is Samsung AKG S10. Samsung was launching this handsfree previously with Galaxy S8. These earphones are available with S10, S8, and Note 8. This hands-free is very popular in the market, and you can see its promotion everywhere.

After some research, we found out that these are not original AKG hands-free. Samsung is manufacturing these earphones, and AKG is doing their sound tuning only. 

These handsfree models are considered the best and most excellent, and the S10 model is specifically designed for bass lovers. In this handsfree, the sound focus is more on the lows as compared to mids and highs. 

The case in which it comes is not good in quality, but this hands-free is a good option overall. Samsung AKG In-Ear S10 Model is effortlessly available in the mobile market of Pakistan at a reasonable price.

Gionee Handsfree

Gionee Handsfree

Gionee Handsfree is the second best option to buy in the Pakistani market. It is highly compatible with mobiles, computers, laptops, and tablets. It is available with a 3.5mm Ear_WT_01 jack, and you can enjoy MP3 and other music without distortion. 

Gionee handsfree is a comfortable pair of earphones, so you can easily use them for long hours. Moreover, there is a discreet microphone on the cord that confirms that others can hear your voice clearly with a high-quality mic. 

If you are looking for an original Gionee handsfree at an affordable price then CyberMart is the place you need to consider. CyberMart does not use copies and would not let its customers use copies of a product. 

Moreover, this stereo handsfree is available in the markets and online stores in Pakistan. It comes with a mic, so you can not only use it for only listening to music but also calling and gaming, making it a jack of all trades.

Gionee is compatible with the devices listed below:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows

Gionee handsfree is famous in Pakistan because they offer amazing features at an economical price. It delivers stellar sound quality, excellent sound insulation, and good bass sound. Moreover, these earphones are very functional, smart, and ergonomic in design. 

You can mute the world by just putting your handsfree in your ears. It comes in different vibrant colors like red, white, black, and blue. There are also soft silicon buds with it for the comfort of the skin. 

Edifier P180 Plus

P180 Plus by Edifier is a Chinese-based earphone. Edifier introduced numerous of its products in Pakistan and created its popularity. 

It is a budget-friendly earphone and is considerable due to its low price rate. It has an acoustic cavity for crystal-clear sound. Moreover, for easy calls and music functions, there are omnidirectional and high-sensitivity microphones and an easy operation feature with three buttons. 

Ronin R9 Handsfree

Ronin R9 is also very well-known in Pakistani markets and is available in a lightweight design with smooth sound quality. It has soft and best quality material.

Ronin R9 has a wire of 1.2 meters made of high elastic plastic material to solve the tangling and breaking issues. You can buy it easily at an affordable price. Moreover, its powerful speakers will give you an excellent sound experience without disturbance.

You can also buy online from CyberMart at a reasonable price. You can enjoy amazing calls and music experiences with its high-quality material. A long-lasting hands-free with clear sound is available also in pink and purple colors. 

Sony MDR-EX 155

People who desire excellent quality at the best price should choose Sony MDR-EX 155. Its sound signature is not so demanding, but one thing is sure it is durable. It focuses more on high frequencies.

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