How to Enable YouTube Short Video Features in Pakistan?

Enable YouTube Short Video Feature in Pakistan

Youtube Short Video is a new thing on the internet and Youtube. In this post, we will talk about and tell you how to make youtube short videos and how to make them effective. Currently, it is in the Beta version and it is only available in India for users on smartphones because Tik Tok is ban in India.

Nobody has talked about youtube short videos and explained to you what it is because youtube short is different from any other video format if you already producing videos on youtube then you what I am talking about.

What are Youtube Shorts Videos?

Shorts Videos are different because it is in vertical format and they are less than 60 sec. So you need to fill in the full story in 60 sec. keep in mind shorts videos are not some kind of promo for you another full video. it is itself a complete video on youtube.

You need to have a complete Idea for a 60-sec video if it’s not good then youtube will bring it down because it is not up to viewer satisfaction then youtube push your shorts down.

So whatever idea you came up with for shorts needs to be filled up in 60 sec. It has featured a multi-segment Camera to combine multiple videos together.

What do you need to do to Take Start On Youtube Shorts Videos?

What you need to focus on when you produced ideas for a short video is keeping in mind there is 1 focus and 1 action for every short video no more and no less. In order to choose a focus their basically 3 things, you going to do with your Shorts.

  1. Make People Laugh
  2. inspire People
  3. Cause/ Resolve their curiosity

So what we mean about that with make people laugh you have something people to laugh about in inspiring them you giving them something that will help them so if someone came and watch it for 60 sec and say yes it was helpful. so this thing you should keep in your mind before you start on Youtube Shorts videos.

How to Create Youtube Short-Form Videos?

Youtube is trying to launch a short video form in a few steps. The launch first only for Android users. First You should have Youtube App in your smartphone. then you have to check it on your youtube app whether you have this feature are not. Those who have access to the Shorts camera can start creating vertical videos using the YouTube app for Android. 

How to Check whether you can Create Short videos on youtube or not?

if you want to check whether this feature is enabled on your smartphone app or not Tap on the + Icon in the Center of your Youtube App and Select Video if you see the option “Create short Video” it means that you have access to the shorts Camera which allow you to use Editing tools and do many Things like Use Speed Control and Timer, String Multiple videos Together and add music in your Shorts Videos.

Can you Create Youtube Shorts Videos on a PC, Tablet, or Notebook?

Youtube Shorts is available in Beta version only for Android Devices or Smartphones. It is not available for IOS Devices yet but Youtube said it will be soon Available for All IOS Users.

So it means a short form of youtube video service is available on the youtube android app which includes Tablets and all Android Smartphones. This means it is not available for Pc, Windows, or Notebook, and also Not for IOS Devices which Include iPhones iPad Etc.

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