Ludo Star Hacks: Here’s how to always get a six!

Ludo is one of the most playable games in Pakistan. Almost every Pakistani plays this game and they loved to play this game. We love to spend our time because it’s the best time-killing activity.  People use to play Ludo almost in every house in Pakistan. Most people love to play Ludo online via online Ludo through mobile.

Ludo star is an App with millions of downloads and almost everyone from all around the world love to play Ludo through Ludo star with their friends. There are many Ludo applications on the Google Play store but no one is popular and successful as the Ludo star.

Ludo stars have more than 5 million downloads and have a record of 28,000 downloads per day.

We almost wanted to have magic numbers for a victory. Getting a magic number through dice is very difficult. Six is the most important number in the Ludo game and everyone wants six for victory.

So today we will tell you how you can get six in Ludo star.

Like other games, Ludo star is also having loopholes, and with the help of this people exploiting this get sixes. There are few people, who know that this method work.

How to Get Six in Ludo Star Every Time?

Follow these steps to get six consistency:

  • You need to keep your eyes on the green tricker. You can see your ticker on your avatar.
  • You need to spin your dice when it has passed one-quarter of the green tricker. For example when the green tricker will reach one-fourth of the time then spin your dice.
  • In this way, you will receive six almost every time or whenever you want, just tap on the dice for a spin on the exact time.

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