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How to Load Zong Card Number | Zong Recharge Through Card

Best Way to Load Zong Card Number

Zong has introduced many new ways to recharge your phone from different platforms like scratch cards, Zong load, and online Zong recharge. These all have simple steps to recharging but most people don’t know how to load Zong cards. Here I will describe to you, all these steps of Zong recharge through the card. If you are a Zong subscriber then this article is quite related to you.

Zong Load card

Let’s find out the Strategies of Zong Card Recharge.

Method # 1

Step1. Go to the nearest store and buy a Zong card.

Step2. Now scratch your Zong card.

Step3. Open your mobile dialer and then dial code *101* 14 digit card number #

Now you can check your balance, Zong prepaid customers can dial *222# or can dial Zong helpline 310 to check the balance.

There is another procedure also of Zong Load Card.

Method # 2 For Zond Card Load

Step1. Scratch your Zong Card.

Step2. Open your phone dialer and dial 101 then press send.

Step3. The operator of the Zong customer care will ask you for the card 14 digit number.

Step4. Tell the operator your scratch card 14-digit number and wait for the response.

Step5. If the number is correct, the operator will tell your current balance otherwise you have to tell that number again if you have missed some of the numbers.

Note:  Don’t tell your 14-digit scratch card number to anyone before recharging at your mobile otherwise he/she will use your number and your card will be wasted.

Method # 3

You can recharge your My Zong App also through a Zong card.

If you are using any kind of smartphone and you have a Zong app on your smartphone then you can load a Zong card.

Step1. Log in to your My Zong App.

Step2. Click on the recharge option.

Step3. Enter your 14-digit scratch card number.

Zong Load card using zong app

Step4. Now balance will be recharged to your app and you can use this Zong app for different mobile bundles and packages.


How to share the balance from Zong to Zong?

You can share the balance with your friends and family members if both are Zong subscribers.

Dial *828* 92mobile no * 50 #

In the upper code, I use 50 as an example to share the balance but you can write your own digit that you want to share the balance.


Here you have all of the information about how to load Zond Card. I hope that the information I have provided to you will be quite helpful. Stay connected for further updates.

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