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Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software Tools for Marketing


Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software Tools for Marketing

Whatsapp is a conversational tool used all around the world. It allows users to send instant messages, voice notes, video content, and even documents and files within seconds. To use WhatsApp, you only require a good mobile phone and a good internet connection whether cellular or wifi, then download the application and use its multiple features. The distance does not matter now if you have WhatsApp on your telecommunication device.

Whatsapp provides bulk WhatsApp tools for marketing with the help of this you can send instant messages to your customers and users in bulk without a number of people limitations. Whatsapp launched its business version in January 2018 and helped small and large businesses to promote themselves through this instant application.

In the current technological era where people are finding the best applications for business and communication purposes, WhatsApp provides them with easy and user-friendly applications and around 2 billion people are using WhatsApp in the world.

It is not only a mobile phone application, but also it has its website version for PCs with the name Whatsapp Web. Whatsapp web aids users to connect WhatsApp to their PCs and send and receive data directly without any hassle. Sometimes people want to share data directly through their PC and do not want to save them first on mobile phones and then send them to the person, in this case, Whatsapp Web plays an exceptional role by providing services for PC as well.

How Whatsapp Free Bulk Messaging Convenient?

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools for Marketing helps in business growth and targeting more and more clients in less time. As we know that social media marketing is the most common and preferred way of marketing these days because most people use social media and get their relevant needed information from it.

During Covid-19, people shifted from physical shopping to online shopping and for this purpose, they started exploring social media platforms. The business that moved to social platforms has grown exceedingly and the ones who didn’t even lose their business identity.

So, WhatsApp bulk messaging is a new way to target hundreds of clients with just one click. You only have to write a single text message on your phone and send it collectively to your target market at once. When people like us get these messages, they respond to them and most probably buy your product. So, in this was your sales generated and revenue increased which then eventually gives benefits to our business and organization.

Team Management:

Whatsapp business bulk message helps to build a team of competent employees and convey their organizational objectives. By using WhatsApp you can make groups of different teams or you can send them bulk messages through WhatsApp bulk message sender, it will engage all team members and they will have a better opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts about business activities.

Client Hunting:

Client hunting is a process to target different people from different places, showing them your products or services, and making them your permanent clients. Whatsapp provides this facility to its users to get maximum clients through this platform.


You can make your business a well-known famous brand by using bulk WhatsApp sender tools. A recognized brand is what having a social appearance on all social media platforms, so as on WhatsApp business your appearance will attract buyers and they will also help to promote your brand.

Catalog Making:

Whatsapp business has a feature of making your business catalog. You can add multiple products or services of your brand into it and can send them to a pool of customers. The catalog is a small booklet that explains things about your business to the reader. Sometimes you can explain better but the catalog helps to do this for you.

10 Best WhatsApp Sender tools for Marketing

  1. Allwebmart
  2. Rapid Planner
  3. WhatSender
  4. WappBlaster
  5. Whatso
  6. Twilio
  7. NetCore
  8. WebEnagage
  9. Vepaar
  10. WAAM- it



Allwebmart Bulk Whatsapp Tool

It is the best whatsapp self sender application to send instant messages to thousands of people at once. Allwevmart is used basically by small businesses to send their product or service information to the target market with just one click. With the help of this application, you can send instant messages to almost five thousand people at once, which is a great market for small businesses.


  • Personal inbox
  • 24/7 reporting
  • User friendly
  • Contact management
  • 5000 messages per day
  • 20 messages per minute
  • Campaign creation is easy
  • It supports multiple languages at one time
  • It offers a proper campaign management system
  • It sends 5000 messages per day
  • It is only a web-based application that works on PCs.


Rapid Planner


Rapid Planner Bulk Whatsapp Sender

Rapid Planner Bulk WhatsApp Sender free is a tool to send bulk, messages on WhatsApp. This tool is helpful to send unlimited messages to a huge target market. This is a user-friendly application for both mobiles phone and PCs. Unlike other web-based tools, this is social media website helps to entertain its users by providing them with maximum output. This application is helpful in sending bulk messages and aids mostly small businesses. It helps to maintain social media campaigns by sending instant messages to the targeting audience


  • User friendly
  • Best tool for WhatsApp instant messages
  • Maintain social media campaigns
  • Huge target market
  • Helps to promote small business
  • No contact filtration
  • A good social media manager
  • Best for small businesses
  • It requires a high-quality high-speed internet connection



WhatSender Whatsapp Bulk Sender

WhatSender is a bulk WhatsApp sender tool for marketing software. It helps to send and share multiple contents through WhatsApp at any place anywhere. This tool has created a smooth pathway for the message sending and receiving process.

People were worried about how to send bulk messages on WhatsApp, then WhatsApp self-sender tools like WhatSender helped a lot to send one copy of a text message to thousands of people. You can use this application on Pc and laptop easily. It has the advantage that you can change a text while sending it to a pool of customers without spamming.


  • Import of contacts from CSV or TXT file
  • It can send messages to even unsaved contacts
  • You can make customized text messages
  • It is a web-based application
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • You can send multiple image/video content to your contacts
  • It filters your contacts and keeps them safe on your device
  • User friendly
  • Simple application layout
  • No technical skills and knowledge required
  • Send bulk messages for marketing
  • This application can have bugs
  • It requires a much longer time to fix the bugs and viruses




WappBlaster Bulk Whatsapp Message Sender

Just like other best WhatsApp sender tools WappBlaster is a famous application for sending multiple messages to thousands of people in a minute. It helps the users by providing user-friendly applications. Moreover, WappBlast has no characters limitation so you can write an unlimited number of characters in your text without any restriction.

Whatsapp provides hassle-free message-sending tools to its users to facilitate them. Small and medium businesses are taking advantage of using such tools in their business strategies to target more and more customers. Besides sending just text messages, you can attach multiple images and videos to your message to give your message a more professional look.


  • It controls message delay
  • Helps to send bulk messages free
  • Transparent management system
  • No credit limitations
  • No characters limitations
  • Fast bulk whatsapp sender software
  • It offers anti-block services
  • It offers highly secure message-sending services
  • Location sharing is an exceptional feature.
  • You cannot re-edit the message once it has been sent to the users.

Whatso- WhatsApp sender free bulk messaging

Whatso- whatsapp sender free bulk messaging

Whatso is one of the most frequently used Top free WhatsApp marketing software. It is prominent among all other tools because of its user-friendly application layout, even common people like us can use it very well for personal or business purposes.

Research reveals that more than 25,000 people are using Whatso WhatsApp’s sender-free bulk messaging and getting benefits from this free tool. Moreover, recently it has introduced a new feature of the anti-block system which is a major source of attraction for new and existing users.


  • It offers multiple formats
  • It offers automatic customized services
  • It offers 24/7 services to users
  • It offers not only one but so many different languages
  • It detects fraud for its users to facilitate them
  • Free demo version
  • Multiple languages
  • Fastest speed
  • It has some limitations in the free version



Twilio Bulk Whatsapp Tool

It is a unique software used for bulk WhatsApp marketing related to business use. You can also update your phone when demanded. It offers to send bulk messages to thousands of people by clicking on a single send button.

It helps the users to control their phone tree while sending bulk messages to their target audience. It’s another amazing and fascinating feature is that it allows the user to make greeting messages incusing text, images, and videos which attract the customer a lot, and can be helpful in your business growth.


  • It offers call recording features
  • It offers call logging features
  • It accesses the location
  • It offers audio/video calling
  • It provides data analytics
  • Having exceptional features for whatsapp sender free bulk messaging
  • Userfriendly interface
  • Offers messaging in, multiple geographical regions
  • Provides best services with loyalty to its user.
  • This tool does not work in some of the major countries across the globe.



NetCore Whatsapp Sender Tool

It is a WhatsApp bulk sender too that helps to send bulk messages and multiple images and video content. It gives an edge to save more time and consumes less power to target hundreds of people at once.  With the help of this, you can give a boost to your business by using social media platforms. The usage of WhatsApp is higher as compared to other social media platforms, so it must be convenient for businessmen and other common people.


  • Content management
  • Content sharing
  • Unlimited calls
  • Bulk WhatsApp messages
  • Helps to find the target market
  • Contact analysis
  • Customer optimization
  • Record keeping
  • Fast speed
  • Personalized messages
  • You have to refresh the list of customers manually



WebEnagage Bulk Whatsapp Message Sender

It is a WhatsApp marketing soft free download application for sending bulk messages to customers and engaging them in buying and selling activities. You can use this tool to grow your business online by buying WhatsApp as a platform.

It increases the engagement of your quality content in a way that can increase your sales and revenue. Customers want a simple and easy-to-use application for purchasing and shopping, so if you will use WebEngage WhatsApp sender it will facilitate your customers and will help them to retain for a longer time.


  • Dynamic templates
  • Action management
  • Bulk messages
  • Responds automatically
  • Content management
  • ROI tracking services
  • You can send personalized messages
  • You can track returns on investment for future growth
  • You can complete look forward all processing on whatsapp
  • Customer satisfaction is their first priority
  • Text messages are full of data provided by you
  • It provides a free trial for the beginners
  • Its email services should be improved
  • Their customer relationship management should be adaptable to Shopify.



Vepaar Bulk Whatsapp Tool

Vepaar is the best bulk WhatsApp sender 2021 having advanced features of customized contact lists. You can create the contact list of your own choice and can send them multiple messages by using this application. Moreover, there is an option of making different groups, so you can send relevant messages to each group according to their interest.

The most attractive feature it has is that you can build an e-commerce store on this application and make people buy their things through WhatsApp. For some customers using e-commerce websites are difficult, so this WhatsApp e-commerce store will give them an edge to do online shopping easily.


  1. Auto-respondents
  2. Content management
  3. Campaign creation
  4. Campaign scheduling
  5. Bulk messages sender
  6. Reminder alerts


  • You can send quick replies to the orders
  • You can maintain e-commerce functions on whatsapp
  • Its dashboard is good enough to store more data
  • CRM system is fully managed
  • Source of customer engagement
  • Source of customer satisfaction
  • It does not offer customized services because it has its own proper system for everything

WAAM- it


WAAM- it Whatsapp Message Sender

WAAM-it is an auto sender tool to send messages automatically. All you need to do is to make a list of people whom you are targeting, then write a common text message and send them to all within a minute. It provides you spreadsheet layout to add multiple contacts into it to keep them as records for future use.

It has unique features of multi-content management such as emojis, links, images, and videos to send and receive on WhatsApp. It gives a messaging limit of 3000 per hour, once you have set these all in a few minutes, you still have to wait to complete that hour, and then you would be able to send again.


  • It has multiple formats
  • It has the facility of link sharing to join meetings
  • You can do calls in this application
  • Content management is the basic feature
  • Bulk messages up to 3000/hour
  • This per hour time limitation gives margin to plan new posts or messages
  • It accepts multiple audio/visual file formats necessary for a conversation
  • Contact management list
  • It is website based application
  • Rap Booster


Rap Booster Bulk whatsapp Sender

Are you tired of sending single texts to customers one by one? No need to worry, Rap Booster is the latest application that will help you in WhatsApp bulk sender, to send multiple messages within minutes. It helps o maintain customer relations by providing them fast quality services.

This application indeed boosts your business to the next level by creating multiple campaigns and scheduled content. There are no limitations about sender IDs, you can add as much as you want to, and can target thousands of people by using Rap Boost Bulk WhatsApp Sender.

This application is not only for text messages, rather it provides the facility to share unlimited images and video content without any data restrictions.


  • It offers to share multiple files
  • It offers to share images and video content
  • It offers to send bulk messages
  • It offers to make a schedule for postings
  • It offers group messaging
  • It has advanced configuration services
  • It offers to manage multiple accounts in one application
  • It has an easy layout and user friendly
  • It helps to send various files at a time
  • Manages time duration for post sharing
  • Offers to send a variety of files
  • It does not have any mobile phone application, it is only web-based


Q#1: What is the bulk WhatsApp tool?

Ans: Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Tool is the latest application to send multiple messages to hundreds of people without any hassle. It helps to create a large target market for business purposes.

Q#2: What are the best bulk WhatsApp sender tools for marketing software?

Ans: We have provided 26 best bulk WhatsApp sender 2021 tools in this article with the features they have. We have also mentioned the pros and cons of all applications for reader facilitation.

Q#3: How to use WhatsApp, the bulk sender?

First, you have to install the application then go for its details about using the methodology. YouTube has huge content about using such applications in easy and understandable language.

Q#4: Why bulk WhatsApp tools are effective in marketing?

Ans: Marketing requires fast and quality content to attract people and these applications provide the fastest platform for businesses to target maximum people in minimum resources. Sending a single message to thousands of people within minutes is the key feature of bulk WhatsApp messaging tools.

Q#5: How can I grow sales and revenue?

Ans: You can generate more sales and earn more revenue by following some important steps:

  • Create quality content
  • Target a large number of people
  • Send text message
  • Create campaigns
  • Manage postings on social media

Q#6: Can I send bulk messages without saving contacts?

Ans: Yes, you can easily send bulk messages by directly importing contacts in the bulk messaging tool. Or else you can create a spreadsheet f all contact numbers to keep records for the future.

Q#7: What type of content I can send on these applications?

Ans: You can send text messages, images, videos, and even audio messages through these applications. They offer to send business catalogs, ads, and business cards along with document files in docs, and pdf formats.

Q#8: How does a business WhatsApp sender free download help to grow a small business?

Ans: As small businesses have fewer resources so they go towards free download applications to promote their business, social media these days is playing a vital role in promotions and advertisement activities leading to small businesses ’ growth.

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