Best Team Communication Apps

Top 5 Best Team Communication Apps

Best Team Communication Apps

Most people are working from home due to Quarantine time because of the COVID-19 outbreak. If your company is working from home then you definitely need the best team communication apps so that you guys can easily share files, chat, and create channels or conference calls with each other.

The best communication apps are as follows:

👉Slack Team Communication App

Slack is the most used application in most the workplace. And one of the top best Team communication applications for android It allows you to communicate with each other by creating a group channel and even you can communicate in a personal chat box with each other.Slack Team Communication App

Basically, Slack is a chat room for a whole company and the main purpose of designing Slack is to replace Email and different primary team communication modes.

You can constantly chat with each other and have real-time connections with the entire team.  You can also add emojis while texting that will make it more interesting.

You can make public and private channels as well in Slack. In a public account, everyone (who works in a company) can join the chat and in a Private channel only selective persons can be seen and reply to the text.


Twist app is on the second number of our list of top team communication apps for smartphones.

Twist software was developed by Doist. Doist is the company that is behind the Todoist app.

Twist app logo

The twist is a bit similar then Slack, you cannot focus on the chat room because it has some separate approach. You can also create channels for projects or for employing group chat but here you need to build threats before sending messages on the channel.

The system or interface of Twist is similar then Email, as it will ask you to create a subject and then the text of the body before creating the channel.

The best thing about Twist is: You don’t need to check out all receiving notifications, instead of this you can simply relevant unread threats. You can also turn the notification off.

Other feature of Twist includes integrations, direct messaging, and file storage. Five integrations, 5 GB storage, and one-month messages will give to you in the free plan.

👉Microsoft Teams

Microsoft team is the best team communication application that will help your office or workplace to chat, video conference calls, file uploading, and storage. This service is included in the subscription of Microsoft Office 365 suit.  But those who are not Microsoft users can take extensions and use the Microsoft team communication service.

Microsoft Teams logo

The Microsoft team was announced by Microsoft officials at a New York event on the 14th of March 2017.

You can easily communicate with each other, make channels, and private chat with office family. If you want to create documents then you can easily make documents in Team and also you can record videos and create and share notes on a single platform.

👉Flock The Best Team Communication App

Flock is a messaging app that was developed by Bhavin Turakhiain in 2014. This is also the best team collaboration application for smartphones and is available for Windows, Mac, Android, Chromebook, and iOS. You can be considered Flock as a Chat room model it’s having a user-friendly interface and similar to Slack.

Flock The Best Team Communication App

You can also use it as a project manager like you can add a list, remainder, notes, etc. You can also add third-party apps in flocks.

👉Rocket Chat

The Rocket app is on the 5th number of our list of best team communication applications for android. It is best for an isolated environment. You can develop your own chat system using the Rocket chat app and then publish it on your marketplace, also you can download market place application and then use it.

Rocket Chat logo

It is the best for team communication with the team. You can communicate with the team by creating channels, direct messages, and conference calls including Audio and video calls.

The rocket chat app is really awesome even in the free version and you can save the data of history and domain of 1,000 people. You can use it on mobile as well if you don’t have a computer or laptop.

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