How to Make Your Own Sticker Pack for WhatsApp?

How to Make Your Own Sticker Pack for WhatsApp on iPhone and Android?

WhatsApp stickers are a new feature of Whatsapp, both iOS and Android users can use this amazing feature. WhatsApp allows users to express their feelings by sending stickers to each other. Most people love to share pictures instead of apps as this way is much more understanding and interesting.

This is Amazing that: We can convey any message or emotion through stickers in an easy way and the other person can easily understand our emotions instead of simple text.

You can download some stickers from your mobile store, you can download them on iPhone and Android as well.

Interestingly: You can also make your own stickers from your phone and you can make stickers on your friend’s photo or in your own photo and that will be fun full.

So if you want to make your own stickers then follow these steps.

  • 👉First of all, you need to open your mobile store and search for the Sticker.ly app on the search bar of your Mobile store. (Android and iPhone users both can download this app from their mobile store).
  • 👉When you successfully download the Sticker.ly app, just open it and then click on the plus (+) option.
  • 👉Now, you need to create new stickers. Click on create option and then add the name of your newly created folder.
  • 👉After creating a folder, now you need to click on Add Sticker option.
  • 👉After that you can see your Gallery photos album, just open the folder and select any of the pictures from the folder.
  • 👉When you have selected the picture, it will open in the editor automatically. There you will see two options Auto and Manual. Chose Auto by clicking on it.
  • 👉If your picture has neat and clear background then this app will automatically clear the whole background of the picture.
  • 👉But if you have a sticky background in the picture then you need to adjust your background on your own by clicking on adjust option.
  • 👉Now you need to adjust the picture by using the eraser and need to reset the picture.
  • 👉You can also add text to the sticker by clicking on Text.
  • 👉You can add text and when you write text on the picture, simply click on done.
  • 👉When you have done with the editing just click on the Save option.
  • 👉When you are done with creating stickers then go to the sticker pack page and select Add to WhatsApp option.
  • 👉When you chose the Whatsapp option then it will automatically launch Whatsapp and allows you to send stickers to anyone in your contact list.
  • 👉When you send the sticker to anyone then it will quickly appear on the screen.

You can make a lot of stickers in this way even on your own pictures.

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