Iphone Free Call Recorder

5 Best free Call Recorder for iPhone

Iphone Free Call Recorder

Call recording is a technology that can be used positively in different situations such as if you are stuck in some work and receive a call from a boss to do something more important, so you can record that call and listen later easily whenever you get free. In this context call, recording applications help a lot and give multiple features along with call recording.

Apple cares much more about security and has a strict policy that’s why the iPhone series do not have call recorders. To cope with this, different companies have created iPhone free call recorder software. You can download these apps from the App store of your iPhone.

No need to worry about which app to use and which to not.. as we are providing you with the top 5 best iPhone call recorders with original reviews from the App store.

CallRec Lite


CallRec Lite is the best call recorder for iPhone in 2022 due to its 3-way mechanism or call recording, auto-saving and sharing options. It is the latest application with the latest version of Lite having multiple upgraded features. CallRec gives you the advantage to listen to recorded voice calls for up to 60 seconds, after that you have to buy its paid version.

Even in the free version of CallRec you can easily record two-way calls including incoming and outgoing calls. The quality of the recorded call is so good and the user does not face any interruption while listening to it. Some key features of the application are given below along with the App store rating.

  1. It gives handy control options to skip call forward or backward if you want.CallRec Lite call recorder for ios
  2. It has no limitations in call recording timings.
  3. Easy sharing of recording through email and social media apps.
  4. It gives an edge to change the speed of recording either high or low.
  5. Regular notifications to update users about services.


Rev Call Recorder


Rev Call Recorder is the best call recorder for the iPhone series. It has so many advanced features. It is a free application for call recording and this no cost does not affect the quality of recorded calls at all. It is the best and highly recommended call recorder by iPhone users because it is user-friendly with fewer complexities.

Call recording is a technology to help working people so that even if they are busy they can record the call and listen to it carefully later. It helps a lot to manage a lot of important tasks in professional life. Its main features include:

  1. You can share the recording with multiple people at once.
  2. This application shows no ads.
  3. This is having a unique feature to convert audio into text files.
  4. The quality of the recording is highly satisfying.
  5. timespans can be added in recorded calls.
  6. Totally free app with free downloading.

Rev Call Recorder for ios


Google Voice


Google Voice is a Google product for voice recording on iPhones. It has multiple features such as recording a call, sending and receiving text messages and also you can do voice mails with this. This application is one of the top 5 best free call recorders for iPhone and is easily available in the App store.

The quality of the recording is so good as Google does not compromise on quality ever. Moreover, you can block unnecessary calls in this app and also can create a call log with multiple contacts on your phone. Some key features of Google Voice are:

  1. It gives a transcription option so you can read and send the document easily.
  2. The search option helps to see the history of past call recordings.
  3. Syncing feature is also available to access this app anywhere anytime.
  4. Proper settings are given to set the app as per your choice.
  5. It also provides backup for the recorded calls.Call recorder iCall for ios


Call recorder iCall


Call recorder iCall is an amazing call recorder that allows you to record calls with just one single tap. Although it is a highly rated and expensive app but has good reviews and iPhone users prioritize using this app for call recording. It gives only three days of free trial after that you have to pay for further process and recordings.

Its customer support service is an exceptional feature highly appraised by users. Whenever anyone faces any problem their services respond as soon as possible to deal with the customer’s problems. Its main features include:

  1. This app is highly user-friendly.
  2. Users can access recorded calls anytime.
  3. This offers options that you can make call from your iPhone or any other personal ID
  4. Unlimited call recording facility
  5. You can make national and international calls though this app

Call recorder iCall for ios



TapeACall is a call recording app for iPhone with so many exciting features. It gives quality assurance of recorded calls. Your call data save on TapeACall personal server and it is totally saved there, you even can access this right after you end up your call.

This application gives the chance to listen to only the first sixty seconds of your recording, for further, you have to get paid version. You can also record both incoming and outgoing calls with the help of this app. Its key features are:

  1. It offers unlimited call recordings
  2. Easy to use for users
  3. It offers to upload recorded calls on google drive ab some other apps
  4. You can attach labeled with each recording so it will be easy to find them later
  5. It gives a unique feature to save a file and then send it as mp3 version

TapeACall recoder for ios


Q#1: Which is the best call recorder for the iPhone?

Ans: Rev Call Recorder is the most famous call recorder for the iPhone series. It is highly preferable by users due to the highest ratings among other call recording apps.

Q#2: Is the call recording app is safe?

Ans: yes it is totally safe because every app has its own personal server where all data is stored. So there are no privacy issues in it.

Q#3: Which free call recorder is best for iPhone?

Ans: Rev Call Recorder is a totally free call recorder for iPhone. You can easily use this user choice app to save your recorded calls without any cost.

Q#4: Does iPhone has a call recorder?

Ans: No, iPhone does not have a built-in call recorder because Apple company is more concerned about its user privacy.

Q#5: Can I record two-way calls?

Ans: Yes you can easily record both incoming and outgoing calls by using any of the best call recorders mentioned above.

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