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How to Convert PDF into Other Formats

Convert Pdf into Other Formats

Have you used PDF file format while sharing documents using email and other messaging apps? The answer of a majority of people reading this writing will be yes. The reasons behind the extensive use of PDF file format for sharing and transfer of documents from one end to another are the flexibility, versatility, and data security it offers.

This file format supports all kinds of devices, and you can easily view a document in PDF file format across a variety of devices with different operating systems in the background. The layout and fonts of the document are encoded in the PDF file format.

You don’t have to worry about the addition or modification of content saved in a document that is available in PDF file format. While this trait of PDF file format can be seen as a benefit, sometimes it turns out to be the biggest challenge for users as well.

You need to make any addition or modification to the document in PDF file format, but you can’t do it because of the content safety algorithm that is included in the PDF format. What will you do? Is there any method to convert documents from PDF to Word or other file formats like XLS and PPT?

The answer is yes, read on to know more about methods to convert PDF to Word. Further details are given below:

Manually Making the Content Editable

You may think of making a PDF file editable by scrapping the content manually while trying to ensure consistency in the layout of the file. This method may help you ensure consistency and accuracy in the content of the document, but you are going to spend a lot of time on this method.

This wastage of time and effort will certainly limit your productivity, and you may get the required result in several hours. Moreover, there are chances of mistakes, including wrong figures and spelling mistakes. Hence, this method is not so efficient when it comes to the conversion of documents in PDF to Word or any other format.

Using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

Another method of converting documents saved in PDF file format into an editable format is using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. Adobe was the platform that developed the PDF format for easy sharing of documents, and its Acrobat DC Pro tool is specifically designed to provide users with various PDF solutions.

One of those solutions is the conversion of PDF. However, it should be noted that the conversion feature and other solutions are offered in return for a costly monthly subscription. Hence, if you don’t want to spend a significant amount of money on tasks like PDF conversion, then this tool is not for you.

Adobe Acrobat

Nevertheless, Adobe Acrobat DC Pro provides a complete package of solutions regarding PDF, however, you need to bear the charges of a costly subscription in return.

Using PDF to Word Converter Applications

The conversion of documents from PDF to Word and other formats is also possible on smartphones. You just need to download one of the efficient PDF file converter apps on your smartphone from the apps store, and you can easily convert them into other formats. Read on to know more.

PDF Converter – PDF to Word

The PDF file converter by Content Arcade available on Google Play can be a handy app for you if you want to convert documents from PDF to other formats and vice versa. You can use this PDF converter to convert PDF to Word, XLS, PPT, and various image file types.

Similarly, you can also convert Word, XLS, PPT files, and scans into PDF file format using this handy app. Simply choose the document you want to convert from the local storage of your device, choose the format in which you want to convert the document, and press the convert button. Once you do it, you will get the converted version of the document in no time.

PDF Converter

The PDF converter app by is known for its extensive options regarding the conversion of PDF files into other formats. This app is capable of converting PDF files to editable formats and vice versa in no time.

This  PDF file converter allows you to export files that you want to convert from cloud platforms such as Google Drive easily. It directly allows you to make save papered documents in PDF file format by scanning those documents. Not only that, this app will allow you to opt for the size of PDF files that fits your requirements the most.

Final Words

There will be times when you need to make your PDF files editable and make necessary modifications to the content saved in those files. You will need to convert those files from PDF to Word or other formats. There could be multiple methods to do it. We have discussed a few above to help you figure out the easiest method amongst these methods and make your files easily editable.

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