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How to Record Any Phone Calls on an iPhone For Free?

Record Phone Calls on iPhone For Free

Missing the important things because you cannot record calls on your iPhone? Want to know how to record all of your calls easily on your iPhone? Is it possible to record phone calls on iPhone? If yes, then how? These are questions we are going to answer today in this article.

As you know if you want to record WhatsApp calls on android it is so much easier, as there are a lot of third-party applications for it and some android phones also come with a built-in feature to record calls. But when it comes to the iPhone mobiles sadly to say iPhone doesn’t allow you to download third-party applications due to their good security service. And also they didn’t have any feature to record calls.

We want to record calls for many things or issues like it can be for your loved one, or for your important interview, for keeping eye on your little ones, and also for customer call service. As you know Apple doesn’t permit third-party applications especially to access the microphone and integrated phone directly. Though there are some tips and tricks and some services to do this.

But before recording a call just ensure that the other person knows that you are recording his/her call because you can be breaking the law or importantly the trust. In the US state, it is legal to record calls but in California, it is illegal to record any call even if you are recording from any other state.

Easily record a speakerphone chat

It works for any endless zoom call, live conversation, or call. To do this, before starting a call just hit the record button on any other device ( it can be any laptop, iPhone, tablet, iPad, or Android phone), so it is so much easier to open a voice recording app, put the phone on speaker on which you are talking and hit the voice recording button.

It is a lot easier method to record but the main difficulty is you need to have an extra device for it the other thing is that the voice quality could be very bad or sketchy and in public it is even harder to recognize. Also, many people dislike talking to someone while the speaker is on.

Use the Google Voice App

Google voice is a good alternative to recording calls. The benefit of this app is that it is fully free. The downside of using this app is that you cannot record outgoing calls and also it informs the caller by verbally speaking notifying them when the recording has been stopped or started.  To record calls by using this app on your iPhone, go to the settings> calls> incoming calls option.

Google voice app

It is so easy to record a call, you just have to press 4 to record a call on your phone. Press 4 again to stop the recording. Please note that every time you press the 4 buttons the caller will hear a robotic voice, this is the google way of notifying the participant that your voice is being recorded. You can find the recorded call on your google voice list and on your email.

This app is the best and free-of-cost option for those who constantly use it to record work or business-related calls, be it for important meetings, interviews, and contracts. Note you need to have iOS 13 and iOS 14 to use this app.

 Apps you can use to record calls

1. Instacall recorder

This app helps you record and dial international and national calls and save the recording on iPhone files. you should use a GSM support and carrier for both conference and hold calls. The instaCall recorder works by pay-as-you-go and pre-paid. You have to purchase minutes to record a call through this app. To enjoy all the features of this app you must have an iPhone that supports iOS 14.

Instacall recorder for ios

2. ACR (phone call recorder)

This greatly rated app is high quality and full-featured recording app that can record a limitless number of incoming and outgoing phone calls. After completing the voice recording, the recording can be access, save, or delete to iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

ACR (phone call recorder)

You can also share your all recording through social media, email, and surprisingly through iMessages also. ACR features limitless outgoing, and incoming call recordings of social media, and quick access to the recording after recording them.

Disadvantages of recording calls


  1. You can control when to record calls, which means if any of your callers get to know this secret, they can lose trust in you, and as a result, they choose not to do anything either deliberately or by mistake.
  2. Your calls can also be stolen by someone. You can lose access to many important things if the device is stolen, or lost or the app is not trustworthy, which means the recording app you are using to record calls doesn’t provide good security.

Make your choice

Call recording is an ideal way to deliver yourself useful information without doing much effort.  By using the call recording you don’t have to worry about marking important things and carry paper and pen all the time with your self. This works in many ways we have mentioned above.

Another suggestion is that if you want to download another application just see the number of functions and reviews of the app. A good app must allow the editing and management of your call recordings, along with the option to share recordings on many platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is three any call recorder available for iOS?

Yes, there many good call recorder you can use for iPhone, but many of them are paid as things are tough in iPhones almost every company charge for recording calls and delivering useful functions.

Can I record Phone calls on iPhone?

No innately you cannot innately record calls on your iPhone. You have to do some tricks and tips we have mentioned or you can also use some apps to make it work.

How can I record calls on my iPhone without installing any app?

There is no authentic way to do this, but you can put the calling speakerphone on and then use another mobile to do this.

Does iOS 13 and 14 have call features?

No both iOS 13 and 14 don’t have any call recording feature.

Do the latest models of iPhones provide a recording feature?

No, the latest one also did not have any call recording option.

Why Apple doesn’t allow recording calls?

The answer is fairly easy because it is illegal in many states to record calls.

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