15 Best Android Anti-Virus Apps For Mobile Security & Virus Cleaner

Best Android Anti-Virus Apps For Mobile

Do you have installed any anti-virus apps on your mobile? – if you have installed an anti-virus app then you are on the safe side otherwise you are using your mobile at risk. You may have more precious data on your mobile and you never want to lose your data in anyways then you should be aware of how to keep your mobile secure from malware garbage and thefts.

Here I’m going to describe the best 15 anti-virus apps for your android mobiles. That information about anti-virus apps will help you a lot in terms of security and you will be glad after using or knowing about these anti-virus apps’ information.

The virus can destroy your important data and your more private data therefore anti-virus apps has been exploding all over the world to bring people on the safer side. We use online banking and transfer money through online apps in mobiles and do many other important works through mobile, therefore we can’t afford the risk of data.

Nowadays people getting aware of these kinds of anti-virus apps. Therefore I’m trying to guide more people by providing information about the best anti-virus apps For Android.

The best anti-virus apps you need for your Mobile Security & as a Virus Cleaner are described below

  1. 360 Security
  2. Bit-defender mobile security
  3. Norton mobile security
  4. Avast anti-virus
  5. AVG anti-virus
  6. Kaspersky mobile antivirus
  7. ESET mobile security
  8. Lookout security and antivirus
  9. McAfee mobile Security
  10. Google play protect
  11. Trend micro Anti-virus
  12. Sophos mobile security
  13. Malware-bytes security
  14. Ahn-lab v3 mobile security
  15. Avira anti-virus security

360 Anti-virus:

360 anti-virus takes care of your mobile security in different ways like scanning them all as if it founds any virus in your mobile it will clean all. This anti-virus app works on the basis of cleaning all useless files or data from your mobile and making your device smooth to use.

This app protects against viruses, malware, and other online threats that can destroy your mobile data. 360 Anti-virus is a very well-known anti-virus app for android but it has some flaws like checking the whole mobile, it takes time, and making your mobile working slow. 

360 Anti-virus is free for some starting months but annually its price is $4.99

Bit-defender mobile security:

Bit-defender mobile security is one of the best anti-virus app for android. It’s basic functions are excellent anti-virus protection, anti-theft, and cloud-based scanning. All his smart features make this app very important to people for android use.

Nowadays many people got stuck in online threats by not using anti-virus Mobile apps on their mobile and they can’t do anything about their mobile data. You should have to make sure these anti-virus apps are beneficial for mobile users.

Bit-defender mobile security apps have excellent anti-theft features ensuring that nobody can’t get harm your mobile data and you can easily check your mobile and lock your mobile if it is snatched or lost anywhere.

In the first 14 days, the trial of the bit-defender anti-virus app is free but annually it has much price. The price of a bit-defender anti-virus app is $14.99.

Norton Mobile Security:

The most advanced mobile security for android mobiles in the world. Norton mobile security provides you with the most dynamic features in this app like blocking spam phone calls, anti-theft, and malware detection.

Norton mobile security is also capable of checking the apps and sending notifications about which app is using more storage and which useless files that are not in use. This anti-virus app helps you in the easy detection of malware garbage that is harmful to your mobile.

Norton mobile security is not a free app at all but it is one of the best paid anti-virus apps for the android having quite smart features which helps in mobile work smoothly. Its auto feature block spam calls making it more worthy in terms of good specs.

The price of Norton mobile security is the same as bit-defender mobile security have of $14.99..

Avast Anti-virus:

Avast anti-virus is a very well-known app of all time. This app has made a serious impression among people and has millions of users. Avast anti-virus apps have many smart features like optimized protection from viruses, ant-theft support, call blocker photo vault, and app lock.

Avast Anti virus

Nobody wants to lose their data in terms of online threats and never wants to show their privacy, for this Avast anti-virus has the best features like for photo vault, if you found any virus this app will detect and immediately remove this virus.

This app is also a paid app and the price is $15 per year but still in the most commonly used app with smart features.

AVG Anti-virus:

This app is also a well-known anti-virus app by its name and features. Avg is the same as the Avast antivirus app and later it was also purchased by Avast in 2016. Avg anti-virus works on the basic protection from any kind of virus and makes your device work smoothly.

This app scans your whole mobile app and removes the virus if it is found. It is a high-quality virus protection app for Android devices and has good capabilities of anti-theft, app-lock, and photos vault.

One of the best features of the Avg anti-virus app is to have protected the photos vault from the virus because most people Don’t want to lose their data or memories in terms of photos.

The price of Avg anti-virus is $11.99 per year but for the first 14 days it is free and you can make good use of its features. With its smart features, the price of this anti-virus app is reasonable. Avg anti-virus app have millions of users over 6 million and you can easily download them from the Google play store.

Kaspersky Mobile Anti-virus:

Kaspersky is one of the best anti-virus apps in the free version and has high-quality features that can be competitive with the rest of the top anti-virus apps. Kaspersky mobile anti-virus app is also known as a Kaspersky internet device for Android.

Kaspersky mobile security is a high defenses malware garbage with top-class smart features. The feature of blocking spam calls also works in it and this is quite an attractive feature of this app. No free ads came into this free version of Kaspersky mobile internet security while in most other free version apps there are lots of ads.

The feature of remote lock works in the premium paid version which is that if you lost your phone or snatch by someone then you can easily lock your device with your laptop or any other device to which you have access.

The paying version of this anti-virus app automatically scans all new apps and blocks the phishing websites which are harmful to your device.

The paid version of the Kaspersky mobile security is $19.99 and which highly rated with high-class specs.

ESET Mobile security:

Eset mobile security has smart features for protecting against viruses and malware. The basic functions of this anti-virus app are scanning, anti-theft, and security auditors. Eset mobile anti-virus app requires an email address while the other apps don’t.

Eset mobile security brought you to the safe side wherever you go because it protects your mobile from any kind of virus that is harmful to your personal data.

This app is free just one month after the installation of this app and then you have to pay $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year. With these specs and prices, we can’t say that the price of this anti-virus app is reasonable.  If you are going with this price then you should go for other top anti-virus apps for your Android devices like Avast and Norton mobile security.

You can download this anti-virus app from the Google play store.

Lookout Security and Anti-virus:

Lookout security and anti-virus secure your Mobile device and identity in one app. This app is doing two different works at the same time and after installation of this, you don’t need to pay or install two different apps.

Lookout security and anti-virus apps give you a safe Wifi connection, once you got a connection of Wifi by having this app on your mobile then you don’t need to worry whether you are connection is safe or not. This app is also a system advisor ensuring that your operating system is working properly and blocking the phishing websites on your phone.

The price of this anti-virus app is very high because of its smart features. You have to pay $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year. You can download this app from the Google play store with terms and policies and can easily install on your mobile.

McAfee Mobile security:

McAfee is one of the heaviest apps in the list of anti-virus apps for Android

. McAfee mobile security has the heaviest malware detection as compared to the rest of the top anti-virus apps. This app has 99.99% malware detection after the test results in July 2019 of Australian lab AV-Comparatives. While on the side Avast, Bit-defender, and Google Play

protect anti-virus apps have 83.2% malware detection results.

This app detects the virus and runs your device pretty well. McAfee mobile security Free app ensures the safety of your privacy and provides ultimate protection to your mobile.

McAfee mobile security basic includes scanning, anti-theft, app manager and malware detection features. This app can easily locate your phone device before the shut down if your phone lose or snatched.

The list price of the McAfee mobile security app is $39.99 and the deal is $12.99 but you save price is $27.00 per year.

You can download this anti-virus app from the Google play store and after knowing the terms and policies of this app you can easily install it on your mobile phone.

Google Play Protect:

Google play protect is one of the well-known anti-virus apps. This app secures your mobile from any kind of virus and prevents your mobile from harmful materials like online threats and harmful websites.

Google play protect provides a safety check when you are downloading anything from the Google play store and keeps your device safe and secure.

Google play protect anti-virus App is not a 100% malware detection app but it is quite helpful in the installation of official apps on your mobile. This app works as a strong barrier against any kind of virus and helps your device in running smoothly.

This anti-virus app free App is for Android users and provides the users with the best quality. You just have to download this app from the Google play store and installed it on your mobile.

Trend Micro Anti-virus:

Trend Micro anti-virus removes the complexities of your mobile and makes your mobile safe. This app helps you find the virus and block phishing websites. Trend Micro anti-virus browser safely and blocks the sites which can steal your personal data.

This app avoids you from fraud and spam by blocking phishing emails. Trend Micro anti-virus secures your connection to the world by avoiding malicious software on your device.

Trend Micro anti-virus Mobile App stops cybercriminals from taking your personal data. This app protects against the newest type of attacks like ransomware that encrypted your personal data and it could not be correct until you pay it off these guys.

The price of this anti-virus app is $4.99 per month or $19.99 per year. Instead of paying the bad guys who encrypted your data and demanded money, we should be aware of these guys and should install this app on our devices.

Sophos Mobile security:

Sophos mobile security app is a decent anti-virus to protect your operating system and secure your mobile from different threats. This app helps you to create a secure connection to the digital world.

This app includes basic stuff such as app filtering, virus detection, Wifi security, and anti-theft features. This app might not be the best protection app for virus detection but it can prevail the malicious threats detection.

Sophos mobile security is the most decent anti-virus app for free trials as compared to the other free trial apps. You can easily download it from the Google play store and installed it on your device.

Malware-bytes security:

Malware-bytes is one of the well-known anti-virus apps. This app scans your all mobile apps and removes virus if there is found. This app is advanced protection against malware, ransomware Virus, and other growing online threats from Apps.

Malware-bytes security keeps aware of your privacy and which app is using location every time. This app detects the malware very early before its locks your device and also provides a safer browsing experience that detects when you click on a phishing URL.

The price of this anti-virus app is $3.33 per month. You can download this app from the Google play store and easily install it on your device.

Ahn-lab v3 Mobile security:

Ahn-lab v3 mobile security is from the South Korean Ahnlab and is not very well-known like other top anti-virus apps but has many smart features. This app basically includes some good stuff such as high-alert malware detection and keeping you more secure.

This app has no anti-theft capabilities but it has very good benefits it also runs on old Android devices and makes your phone performance better. This app runs pretty well on fewer specs hardware devices.

Ahn-lab v3 mobile security is totally free anti-virus app for Android devices. Get from the Google play store and enjoy its smart features.

Avira Anti-virus:

Avira anti-virus is also one of the best apps for Android devices. This app protects you from many online threats and conceals your privacy from others. This app basically includes some good stuff such as anti-virus protection, network scanner, identity safeguard, and web protection.

This app in its identity safeguard features informs you about that if someone trying to access your data. This app blocks over 35,000 threats per month including ransomware and many phishing sites before loading on your device.

The Avira anti-virus app is totally free but you have to pay for the additional feature of web protection. You can download this app from the Google play store and can easily install on your device.


With the fast-growing digital world, online threats became very popular especially ransomware in this virus encrypted your important data and demanded money to recover your data and there is no guarantee after getting the money they would recover your data. Before going into the worse situation think about your safer side.

These different types of viruses have disturbed millions of people’s life. To overcome any kind of virus and threats, I have described the best 15 anti-virus apps for Android mobiles. In these descriptions some anti-virus apps are free and some of them are paid. These all are the best anti-virus apps for mobile phones. I know, people who never want to lose their data even if they can’t think of losing their data.

All these anti-virus apps are designed for Android so that you can find peace of mind while having these apps installed on your mobile, and go where ever you want. While using these anti-virus apps, you don’t need to worry about your privacy because all apps have capabilities to protect against viruses.

These all apps are best for anti-virus but the best free anti-virus app according to me is Google play protect because it has the ability to solve problems that are mostly people facing and Google updates its version when needed. While the best-paid anti-virus app is the McAfee mobile security app which has the capability of almost %100 malware detection and the price is also reasonable at $27.00 per year.

Don’t compromise your important data. Install your best choice anti-virus app and don’t worry about your device data.

I hope the information that I have presented to you about anti-virus apps will be quite helpful.       

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