5 Best Paypal Alternatives in Pakistan For Blogger and Freelancers

Paypal Alternatives in Pakistan For Bloggers and Freelancers

As we all know that PayPal is one of the best services for online transactions across the world. PayPal is most useable and famous all around the world. PayPal started its services in 1998 and created PayPal for the purpose of fund transferring but now, almost it is used in every type of money transaction. It is also having one of the best security features for transferring money.

But unfortunately, the service of PayPal is not available in Pakistan and because of this many Pakistani freelancers and business holders are facing many issues. If you are facing such kind of issue then we are having the best solution for you. We will tell you the best Paypal Alternatives in Pakistan that will fulfill your needs. These alternatives will work the same as PayPal and easily transfer your money to every corner of the world.

Best Free Alternatives of PayPal in Pakistan

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is basically a virtual wallet. It is one of the best mobile payment systems. You can easily send or receive money via smartphone. Google wallet was known as Google’s Checkout at first but later they changed the name to Google Wallet.

Google Wallet allows users to freely send and received money. If you want a debit or credit card then you can also avail of this service from them. We can say that it is the Best Alternative to Paypal in Pakistan.

Payza Alternative To Paypal in Pakistan

Payza is almost the same as PayPal as it allows you o send and receive money through bank transfer. It also allows you to deal with bitcoins. The first name of Payza was AlertPay but in 2012, AlertPay’s name was changed to Payza you can also download its app from the google play store.

Although it is not famous as PayPal the whole process of sending funds is the same as PayPal. It also provides you with the best security feature for money transactions. Payza will also provide you debit card, checkbook, wire transfer service, and credit card.

It has 9 million users from all over the world and also deals with the currency of 21 countries. Payza is used as a Paypal Alternative in Pakistan.

Western Union:

Western Union is one of the best communication and financial service companies in the world. It is one of the leading transaction companies in the US that allows you to transfer money across the world. Many salesmen of Western Union are working in Pakistan which helps you to create a Western Union account and also tell the usage of the account.

It is having millions of users and works in 200 countries. It is the best replacement for PayPal.


Payoneer is one of the most useable transaction services in the world. You can easily create an account with Payoneer from your mobile and after that, you can send or receive money from your bank account. It also allows transactions in more than 200 countries and deals with the currency of 150 countries.

If you want to deal with bitcoins then Payoneer will be best for you. Payoneer is the best Paypal Alternative in Pakistan.

Moneybookers Paypal Alternative in Pakistan

Skrill Moneybookers is a service for sending and receiving money online via Email. This is an instant service that will quickly send and received money from your bank account. If you want to create an account with Moneybookers then you can easily create an account by providing some documents for proof.

When you created the account then you can easily transfer the money and also you will receive a Debit card, credit card, checkbook, and wire transfers from Moneybookers. It is used as an alternative to Paypal By Pakistanis.

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