PTCL launches first neutral Internet Exchange in Pakistan

PTCL launches first neutral Internet Exchange in Pakistan

PTCL, the biggest tech company in Pakistan, and DE-CIX, a top Internet exchange operator worldwide, celebrated the opening of ‘Pakistan Internet Exchange (PIE) powered by DE-CIX.’ It’s the first neutral internet hub in the country.

This hub sits in the PTCL data center in Karachi. It’s managed by DE-CIX and uses their advanced setup. The hub lets local networks connect easily and also links up with DE-CIX Frankfurt in Germany. This should make internet connections faster and safer in the region.

During the event, Dr. Umar Saif, the Federal Minister of IT & Telecommunication, mentioned how Pakistan has a large online community. He highlighted the progress made in internet connections, like extending fiber loops and having more submarine cables. The new hub, run by DE-CIX, could help host popular online content locally, making it easier for users and potentially bringing in a lot of money for the country.

Zarrar Hasham Khan, from PTCL & Ufone 4G, said they’re excited to work with DE-CIX. They want to improve Pakistan’s digital infrastructure and see this collaboration as a big step in that direction.

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