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Gazans Fear of Israeli Advance on Rafah Leading to Massacres

Since the war between Israel and Gaza’s rulers Hamas erupted in October, Rafah has experienced a significant increase in population, ballooning to approximately five times its pre-war size. Adel Al-Hajj, among over a million displaced Palestinians seeking refuge in Rafah, is concerned about a potential Israeli invasion of the southern Gaza city.

Despite being spared from Israeli ground offensives so far, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent directive for troops to prepare for operations in Rafah has heightened tensions.

Teeming with displaced Gazans residing in makeshift camps, Rafah faces severe overcrowding, with insufficient space and safety concerns. Adel Al-Hajj fears that an Israeli advance could result in catastrophic consequences, potentially leading to massacres among the hundreds of thousands trapped along the besieged territory’s border with Egypt.

The dire humanitarian situation is evident, with tens of thousands of tents erected across Rafah, providing temporary shelter for those displaced by the conflict.

Ahmed Al-Burai and her family sought refuge close to an unfinished Qatari hospital, having fled from the Al-Shati refugee camp in northern Gaza through Khan Yunis to settle in Rafah eventually.

The possibility of an Israeli incursion into Rafah has instilled profound fear among its residents, with concerns of further loss of life and the worsening of an already dire situation. The ongoing conflict, triggered by Hamas’s attack on southern Israel in October, has resulted in significant displacement, with over half of Gaza’s population seeking refuge in Rafah.

International mediators continue their efforts to broker a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s recent visit failing to secure a halt to the fighting. Mohammad Al-Jarrah, a displaced individual from Gaza City, expresses growing apprehension as bombardments intensify, indicating the pressing need for a resolution to the conflict to prevent further suffering and loss of life.

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