Unlock a Samsung Tablet or Phone with a Google Account

How to unlock Samsung galaxy tab A

Today in this article we will tell you how you can effortlessly unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab A and any other android device if you forgot your pin, pattern lock, and password. Follow and carefully read all techniques one after one to unlock your device.  

You can also open your Galaxy device without losing important data like contacts and media files. Some methods also erase your data like apps, media files, and contacts.  Today in this article we will tell you how you can unlock your Samsung Galaxy Tab A if you forgot your device password, how you can delete the pin, face lock, or pattern lock, and how to do a hard reset, erase all the data, and how you can recover your password or how to unlock your device password without losing any data.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab or phone with Find My Mobile

  • Go to Google and type find my device.
  • Login with a Samsung or Google account used on your device.
  • Login to your account by providing your email and password and then click next.  
  • After logging in on your left corner click on the option Erase Device.Unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab or phone with Find My Mobile
  • After erasing your device again log in with your Google account.
  • On logging in again the screen will ask you to permanently erase your Samsung device.
  • This will automatically do a factory data reset on your Samsung device.

Unlock by using a hard reset

Using this technique you can unlock your android device but this will erase all your data on the tablet and make it as if you used it for the first time. You cannot recover your data after resetting it. This method is also useful if you find your tablet performance getting slow.

Unlock Samasung by using a hard reset

To do a hard reset follow the below methods.

  • Turn on your Samsung Galaxy device.
  • Now hold the home, upper volume, and power buttons.   
  • When the tab gets turned off and turns on automatically frees all the buttons.
  • On turning it on you will see the Logo.
  • Then,  it will show an Android mark, now release the volume up button while holding the power-up button.
  • Now, different options in blue will appear on the screen.
  • Choose factory reset/ wipe data.
  • You can choose by using the volume up and volume down button and to confirm press the power button. 
  • Now the last step, select reboot system now.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab A with Google security questions

If you view google security questions on your tab, use the following techniques to unlock your tab.

Follow these steps.

  • Hold the power button to turn on your tablet.
  • Try again and again to try different patterns on your tab until you see forgot pattern option.
  • Next, click on forgot pattern.
  • Now answer all the given questions you have chosen before.
  • Then select unlock, after that you will see a Yes or No selection, choose the Yes option.
  • After choosing the Yes option, you can make a new pattern or pin for your device.

Unlock a Samsung Tablet or Phone with a Google Account

Unlock a Samsung Tablet or Phone with a Google Account

You can also use your Gmail to unlock your tablet.

  • Try a number of passwords.
  • After that, you will see an option forgot password.
  • Click on the forgot password option.
  • Now you can enter your Google account login.

Unlock your galaxy tab and phone with android device manager (ADM)

You can also use a third-party tool like Android Device Manager to unlock your android device.  This online tool permits you to access your tab or phone from another computer, laptop, tab, or smart device. To access your device with ADM follow these steps:

  • Use any computer or device and navigate to the website http://google.com/android/devicemanager.
  • Log in with your Google account that is linked with your locked galaxy tab A.
  • Select the locked device and click “ Lock”.
  • ADM will ask you to put in a temporary password.
  • After entering the temporary password click on “ Lock” again.
  • Lastly, turn on the locked tab screen and enter the temporary password to access your device.

Though to make ADM work, you have to make sure that ADM is enabled on your locked tab, GPS is on, the Gmail you have given is related to the locked phone and ADM works only for android 4.4 and above.


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Frequently asked questions

Can anybody unlock my stolen phone?

Yes, they can easily by hard resetting it, but there are better chances that your data will be safe and your device will be as if you bought it new.

Does a factory reset unlock other phones also?

You can unlock all android phones by doing a factory reset, but this process doesn’t work on IOS and Windows operating devices.

Does a factory reset delete the root?

It relies on, if your factory only removes cache partitions and deletes user data, it will not unroot your tab or another android device.

On the contrary, if the reset includes reinstalling and deleting the system, it would unroot your tab or mobile.

Can unlocking the phone be legal?

Unlocking the device is legal if it is yours. If you are in the process of paying for the phone’s remaining money or anything like that, then legally you don’t own the mobile.

What happens if I insert a sim in a locked phone or tablet?

If you insert a sim in a lock or phone or tablet the sim will not work.

Is it necessary to take out the sim card while factory resetting your phone?

No, it is not necessary and also you don’t have to do that. Factory resetting won’t affect your phone number. Factory resetting just deletes your media files, other apps you downloaded from the play store, and documents.

Will a hard reset delete all my data?

Yes, a hard reset will delete all your data and apps. It will make your phone like you just bought it.

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