Honda Civic 2024

Honda Civic Latest Price in Pakistan for February 2024

Honda continues to lead the pack among automakers, known for its commitment to safety and reliability. One of its standout models is the Honda Civic, a renowned sedan celebrated for its quality, dependability, and strong resale value. We have listed the Honda Civic Price in Pakistan for February 2024.

The performance of Honda cars remains a focal point, particularly due to the advancements in Honda i-VTEC engines, which have solidified the brand’s reputation. The consistent demand and high quality of Honda vehicles contribute to their excellent resale value, making them desirable even in the pre-owned car market. However, recently, Civic sales have encountered challenges as prices reached unprecedented levels.

In 2023, Honda made a significant announcement regarding a substantial reduction in car prices, including the Civic, in response to the appreciation of the local currency against the dollar.

Honda Civic Models in Pakistan

Honda Civic Standard1500 ccAutomatic, Petrol
Honda Civic Oriel1500 ccAutomatic, Petrol
Honda Civic RS1500 ccautomatic, Petrol

Honda Civic 2024 Price in Pakistan

Honda Civic Standard 1.5Rs.8,329,000
Honda Civic Oriel 1.5 M-CVTRs.8,659,000
Honda Civic RSRs.9,899,000

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