AI in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia could lead global AI rules, expert

Ian Khan, a technology futurist and author, suggests that Saudi Arabia is actively engaged in advancing AI and shaping global standards. He asserts, “Jobs will transform into AI, which doesn’t mean people will lose their jobs but that the industries in Saudi Arabia will benefit from the creation and deployment of AI.”

In discussing Saudi Arabia’s potential in AI regulation, Khan highlights the country’s proactive stance in initiating discussions to establish a consensus on AI rules. He emphasizes that the Kingdom is poised to lead in setting global AI regulatory frameworks.

According to Khan, the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence is experiencing remarkable growth and is leading AI development efforts within the country. He notes that AI is increasingly being integrated into everyday life in Saudi Arabia, particularly evident in projects like NEOM and The Line.

Khan anticipates that a collaborative effort from Middle Eastern countries, possibly led by Saudi Arabia or the UAE, will be necessary to address the multifaceted challenges of AI regulation effectively.

He also observes a lag in AI implementation in the US compared to other nations, emphasizing the need for comprehensive regulations addressing privacy, intellectual property rights, and other concerns.

You are looking at AI technologies permeating the lives of everyday people, so we have to have regulations, guard rails, protections and safety mechanisms in place.

Ian Khan, Technology Futurist and Author

Looking ahead, Khan predicts significant growth in AI usage, especially in Saudi Arabia, driven by initiatives such as electric vehicle development and infrastructure expansion. He stresses the importance of regulations to ensure AI technologies’ safe and ethical integration into society.

Khan lauds Saudi Arabia’s efforts to position itself as a global economic and technological hub, highlighting investments in innovation and sustainability.

Regarding future developments, Khan foresees the establishment of a regulatory framework for AI in Saudi Arabia within the next one to two years. He envisions AI playing a central role in the Kingdom’s job market by 2030, with increased demand for AI-related skills.

In the long term, Khan predicts a world where AI regulation is mastered, ensuring global standards and enhancing the quality of life through intuitive AI-driven services by 2040.

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