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Gold Prices Big Drop in Pakistan: Check Latest Gold Rates

The decrease in gold prices in Pakistan, as reported by the Sarafa Association, reflects a broader trend seen in the international market, where the price of gold dropped by $12 to $2,035 per ounce. This decline in gold prices may be influenced by various factors such as fluctuations in global economic conditions, changes in demand and supply dynamics, movements in currency values, and investor sentiment.

The specific factors driving the decrease in gold prices in this instance would require a more detailed analysis of the current economic and geopolitical landscape. However, it’s not uncommon for gold prices to experience fluctuations in response to changes in market conditions and investor behavior.

Latest Gold Prices in Pakistan

Per Tola 24-Karat              Rs213,800

10-Gram 24-Karat            Rs183,300

Per Tola 22-Karat              Rs168,024

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