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World’s reaction towards Pakistan-Iran retaliatory bombing

Unprecedented Escalation: Recent Conflict Between Pakistan and Iran

Historically bound by diplomatic ties, the relationship between Pakistan and Iran took a drastic turn as both nations engaged in air strikes on each other’s territories. This escalation unfolded against heightened tensions in the Middle East and beyond.

Border Instability and Militancy Challenges

The approximately 900km border shared by these Asian neighbors is characterized by instability and a lack of governance, with both countries grappling with militancy along this volatile frontier.

Initiating Hostilities: Iran’s Violation of Pakistan’s Airspace

The conflict began with Iran initiating hostilities by violating Pakistan’s airspace. In response, Islamabad swiftly conducted air strikes within Iran, targeting militant camps on Pakistani soil.

Global Response and Calls for De-escalation

The escalation triggered anxiety not only in Pakistan but also across other Asian nations. Key global players, including the United States, China, Turkey, the UK, Russia, and India, responded to the crisis. The international community called for dialogue to de-escalate the situation.

China’s Call for Restraint and Collaboration

China, a longstanding ally of Pakistan, urged restraint from both Islamabad and Tehran. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning emphasized the importance of avoiding actions that could further escalate tensions, advocating for collaboration to maintain peace and stability.

International Condemnation and Diplomatic Calls

The United States condemned Iran’s military actions, criticizing the violation of Pakistan’s sovereign borders. Russia called on both nations to exercise restraint and resolve differences diplomatically. India characterized the matter as an issue between Islamabad and Tehran, emphasizing its zero-tolerance policy towards terrorism.

Mediation Efforts by Turkey and the European Union

Turkey played a mediating role, calling for an end to further escalation and stressing the resolution of issues through dialogue. The European Union expressed deep concern about the surge in violence and emphasized the infringement upon sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Taliban’s Appeal for Restraint and Mediation Offers

Even the Afghan Taliban acknowledged the alarming situation, urging restraint and advocating for resolving disputes through diplomacy. China and Turkey offered to mediate in an attempt to alleviate tensions between Pakistan and Iran.

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