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Driver Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2024 Apply Now

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stands as home to a substantial population of Pakistanis, with many seeking employment opportunities in the Arab nation. A considerable number of individuals have migrated to Saudi Arabia, attracted by the promise of better economic prospects and job openings.

Among the expatriate workforce, Pakistani drivers play a pivotal role in the transportation sector of Saudi Arabia. These skilled drivers are engaged in various roles, including taxi driving, providing private chauffeur services, and working for companies that require transportation for their employees. Their contributions have become increasingly vital as the country experiences a surge in immigration.

In a recent development, the Saudi Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment has unveiled job vacancies for approximately 2,000 personal drivers across different cities in the year 2024. Those aspiring to work in Saudi Arabia can explore these opportunities by contacting recruiters through the bureau’s official website.

Job Salaries and Benefits in the Driving Sector The current compensation for driving positions in Saudi Arabia ranges between 1,000-1,800 Saudi Riyals. In addition to competitive salaries, drivers enjoy a host of benefits, including free accommodation, meals, tickets, medical coverage, health insurance, and transportation support.

Individuals hired for these roles are expected to operate in various cities, serving companies or private individuals by driving luxury cars and transporting clients between locations.

Expanding Opportunities: Truck Drivers Wanted In addition to personal drivers, Saudi Arabia is actively recruiting around 2,900 truck drivers for various roles. Truck drivers can expect salaries ranging from 1,200-2,200 Saudi Riyal, along with benefits such as transportation, accommodation, and health insurance.

The deep-rooted ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are characterized by robust diplomatic relations and cooperation on multiple fronts. Last year, the remittances sent by Pakistani nationals living in Saudi Arabia amounted to a substantial $540.3 million, underscoring the strong economic bond between the two nations. This figure ranked Saudi Arabia as the leading source of remittances for Pakistan, followed by the UAE, Britain, and the US.

As the job market in Saudi Arabia continues to present lucrative opportunities, particularly in the transportation sector, the collaboration between the two countries is poised to further strengthen in the years to come. This employment trend not only benefits the individuals seeking jobs but also contributes significantly to the economic ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

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