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PTCL and Huawei trial 50G-PON for Next Gen Fiber Optic Broadband

PTCL’s Groundbreaking Achievement in Broadband Technology

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), the leading broadband service provider in the country, proudly announces the successful completion of the first-ever trial of 50G-PON technology. This significant milestone is a result of PTCL’s strategic partnership with Huawei, a global leader in information and communication technology.

Introduction to 50G-PON Technology

50G-PON, recognized by ITU-T as the next-generation Passive Optical Network-based broadband technology, is poised to revolutionize Pakistan’s digital landscape. With capabilities surpassing existing technologies like GPON and XG(S)-GPON, 50G-PON delivers an impressive 50 Gbps per PON port.

The introduction of 50G-PON technology is set to reshape the requirements of industries, enterprises, campuses, and home environments. This advancement unlocks the potential for bandwidth-intensive and low-latency next-generation services, catering to a variety of use cases.

The versatility of 50G-PON is evident in its applicability to various sectors, including the evolution towards Holographic Technologies, XR-based Metaverse in the home and workplace, Smart Manufacturing based on 3D Machine Vision, Remote Surgery, Medical Clinics, High-Performance Gaming, and more. Additionally, it serves as a valuable tool for business and enterprise services.

An exceptional feature of 50G-PON technology is its ability to coexist seamlessly with GPON and XG(S)-PON over the same physical and passive optical network. This capability allows PTCL to provide significantly higher broadband speeds for its customers through an on-demand service upgrade request.

Response from PTCL’s Leadership

Jafar Khalid, Group Chief Technology and Information Officer (GCTIO) of PTCL & Ufone 4G, expressed his enthusiasm on this momentous occasion. He stated, “PTCL has achieved another milestone by delivering Pakistan’s first-ever trial of 50G-PON technology. In our ongoing commitment to lead the market in offering next-generation broadband services, PTCL’s collaboration with Huawei on 50G-PON is a massive step towards the future evolution of fiber broadband in Pakistan.”

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