Ministry of energy

National Career Expo by the Ministry of Energy in Pakistan

The Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division), along with major Oil, Gas, and Mineral companies, will host a two-day national career expo next Wednesday.

Named “Fuelling Futures,” the 2024 Career Expo aims to connect students with opportunities in the Oil, Gas, and Mineral sectors, promoting awareness and bridging the gap between them and companies.

The expo will offer a chance for students to interact with industry professionals and access resources for career development. Representatives from top companies will be present to introduce undergraduates and graduates to potential career paths in energy and minerals.

Expected to welcome over 5,000 students from various Engineering and Business Management disciplines across Pakistan, the expo also invites high school students interested in exploring career options in these fields, nurturing the next generation of energy and mining professionals.

This national Career Expo invites all registered participants to engage with industry leaders, strengthen ties between academia and industry, and facilitate communication between energy experts and future workers.

The event is sponsored by Pakistan Petroleum Limited, a leading national Exploration and Production company.

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