Greenline Metro Bus Karachi

GreenLine Metro Bus Karachi Routemap & Fares 2023

Greenline Metro Bus Karachi

Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the Greenline Metro Bus Karachi on a 21km bus road in Karachi which covers 22 bus stops in Karachi city. government of Pakistan gave 80 busses to this project. Metro bus projects had previously been launched in various cities in Punjab by the government of Punjab in the province of Sindh it was the first Metro bus project.

GreenLine Metro Bus Karachi project is one of the finest projects in transportation in Pakistan in fact the governor Sindh Imran Ismail purchased the ticket of greenline and become its first passenger to inspect the facilities of this bus service He said the government aims to launch such services that facilitate the general public. He hoped that other sections of the bus rapid transit system would become operational for the provision of a fully functional mass transit service in the city.

Greenline Metro Bus

Karachi Green Line is an automated Bus Rapid Transit System. it is Karachi’s first BRT system. By improving traffic flow, the green line will provide a seamless commuting facility to the people of Karachi who have waited for a comfortable and modern public transport system just like metro bus services of Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and Peshawar.

Route-Map of Greenline Metro bus

Greenline Metro Bus track covers 22 stations in the city. every station is near about 1-kilo matter away from the other following is the complete list of route maps/bus stops of greenline in Karachi

  • Surjani Terminal
  • 4k Chowrangi
  • Nourth Karachi
  • Up Morr
  • Nagan Chowrangi
  • Sakhi Hassan
  • Shahrah-e-Jahangir
  • hyderi
  • Shahrah-e-Humayun
  • Orange Line
  • Nourth Nazimabad
  • Eid Gah Bagh
  • Urdu Bazar
  • Lasbela
  • Guru Mandir
  • Noumaish Chowrangi
  • Agha Khan lll Road
  • Aurangzaib Market
  • Merewether Tower
  • Karachi Porth Trust
  • Karachi City Station
Greenline Metro Bus map

Greenline Bus Fares

Government announces the ticket price for Greenline Metro Bus Karachi is a minimum of Rs 15 and the maximum Rs 55 greenline bus is very economical for citizens.

Buses that are used in this project are more modern than previous metro buses in Pakistan. these buses have been imported from China. they also use batteries with diesel which is more beneficial for the environment. The Buses in the green line project have 40 seats in them and are able to carry 190 passengers during rush hours.

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