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Easypaisa launches ‘Savings Pocket’ for user financial independence

Easypaisa, Pakistan’s top digital money service, has introduced a new feature called the ‘Savings Pocket‘. It’s not just about saving money, it’s designed to help people manage their money better and reach their financial goals easily, without the hassle of old-fashioned ways.

This new feature challenges the old idea that women have to hide their money in clothes or bags. Instead, it lets them manage their money directly from their phones through the Easypaisa App.

With the ‘Savings Pocket’, women can take control of their finances and set goals for saving money. They can keep track of their progress and easily access their savings when needed. It’s all about giving them more independence and security.

Farhan Hassan, who leads the Easypaisa Wallet Business, says this new feature is a big step towards helping people make smarter financial decisions. Rifah Qadri, who heads Marketing & Communications, explains that this new campaign challenges old ways and gives women more modern options for managing their money.

Easypaisa, focusing on users and making finance easier for everyone, is leading the way in digital money services in Pakistan. They want to create a future where everyone has the tools to be financially independent.

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