Pakistan Stock Exchange

Pakistan Stock Exchange Index Drops 124 Points

On Friday, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) experienced a downward trajectory as the 100-index took a hit, witnessing a decrease of 124.26 points, reflecting a negative change of 0.19 percent. The market concluded at 64,514.90 points, down from the previous trading day’s close at 64,639.16 points.

During the day, a substantial volume of trading activity took place, with 949,559,318 shares changing hands, amounting to a total value of Rs.19.355 billion. This was in stark contrast to the preceding day, which saw 548,989,972 shares traded, valued at Rs. 15.395 billion.

Participation was notable as 362 companies engaged in share transactions within the stock market. Among these, 161 companies experienced gains, while 187 faced losses. Additionally, the share prices of 14 companies remained unaltered throughout the trading session.

This downturn in the PSX underscores the market’s sensitivity to various economic factors, contributing to fluctuations in share prices and overall index performance. Investors and market analysts will be closely monitoring these developments as they assess the implications for the broader economic landscape.

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