What is Tripods? How to Use and Set-up Mobile Tripod?

Almost every person is love to take photos. Most people use to take photos on their mobiles as it is on trend as well as every phone has a good camera these days. Many people use mobile phones camera for vlogging or as professional cameras by attaching multiple lenses to them. But for the best photography or for video shooting, you need a mobile tripod.

But there are a lot of people who don’t know how to use a tripod with smartphones but don’t worry we will tell you everything in this article that you want to know about tripod.

What is a Mobile Tripod?

Tripod is basically a accessory of a camera that has three legs for standing and a holder on the upper side to hold your mobile. At the center side, there is a moving ball or a head that allows you to move your camera to your required angle. The legs are also moveable and you can also control the height of the tripod. You can easily stretch them or adjust the height of the mobile tripod. You need to click on the clip to adjust the height.

It looks like a DSLR tripod but the difference is that it is quite smaller and lighter than DSLR tripods.           

Why do we need to use Tripod with Smartphones?

If you love to do photography then believe me tripods will help you a lot in photography. Not only this, but if you are a vlogger or lover of to travelling different places and want to capture the amazing moments there then you should use tripods. The other main reasons are as follows:

Photography of Long Exposure

Almost everyone from us watches such kinds of images where cars are running and the running cars are transformed into light streams as shown in the upper image. Such kinds of images are known as long exposure pictures and they can only be taken via mobile tripods. If you want to capture such kinds of images from your smart mobile then you probably need to use tripods.

It is because such kinds of pictures can only be taken when the speed of capturing the video or picture is 1/600th of a second and 1/4000th of a second in low light and it will take a couple of minutes for taking these pictures. While capturing the picture, the phone must be stable. That’s why you need to use mobile tripods for long exposure pictures.

Shots of low lights or Night Photography

If you want to capture photos in low light or you need to do night-time photography then you should use a mobile tripod for the best result. It is because you need to take photos at a low shutter speed at night. If your mobile doesn’t have the night mode in it then you have to use a tripod for this. It will also help you to reduce noise and blurriness in videos and photos. If you use a tripod with a night mode featured mobile then it will provide you with the best result.

Best for Zooming pictures and Videos

There are someplace where we need to use the zooming feature. Like if we are standing on the top side of someplace and the camera mobile is far away from us then we need to take photos via zooming our camera. But when we zoom from our mobile then it needs a lot of stability to take the best photo otherwise the picture or the video will be blurred. If you want to take a zoomed photo then use a mobile tripod for stability and for the best result.

For framing panoramic photos

You can easily take the best photos of framing and panoramic. Because you can adjust easily many different angles by using tripods as well as cutting off different areas. You can take different photos from different angles using a mobile tripod even you can take those photos that look impossible to take via smartphone.

How to set up a mobile tripod?

You can easily set up a tripod and use it for taking amazing pictures. Some tripods are set up differently and set up differently depending on the tripod.

But we will tell you the best way to set up your tripod with your mobile and the majority of tripods will be set up by using this trick.

Here’s how you can set up your tripod with your mobile and use it.

  • Simple, take your tripod out.
  • Now, open the legs of the tripod and adjust its height.
  • You can adjust the height by pressing the clips on the legs.
  • After that, you need to attach your mobile to the holder of the mobile that will be on the top side of the tripod.
  • Under the holder, you will see a knob.
  • Adjust the angle and then tighten the knob so that it will not disturb your angle.
  • Now, it is done, open the camera and take pictures as you can.

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