How to Buy Ufone Golden, Platinum, or Silver Numbers?

How to Get Ufone Golden Number, Silver, and Platinum Number?

The demand for the Ufone golden, platinum, or silver number is increasing day by day. Many people in Pakistan love to get Golden numbers or Platinum numbers. It is because these are unique numbers and they are easy to remember and it also becomes a marked sign of status between messages.

What are Vip Numbers, Diamond Numbers, Platinum, Golden numbers?

Golden or platinum numbers are the unique numbers that people buy according to their demand. People can create their own unique numbers. These are very easy numbers and easy to remember numbers. If you want the same number of the different networks but with the different codes then you need a Golden or Platinum number.

How to buy the Ufone Golden number, Ufone Silver Number, or Ufone Platinum number?

The process of buying Ufone special sims is very easy. You don’t have to do much for this.

To buy Ufone Platinum or Golden number, you need to go to your nearby Ufone franchises in your area because they are the best dealers to buy Ufone VIP SIMs. If you can’t find the SIM to the nearest Franchise then you should go to the main branch of Ufone in your city. It is because not all the franchises can help you to find the Golden number of Ufone.

There are many other dealers who deal with the Ufone special sims. You can also buy Ufone Platinum or Golden sims from there.

Prices of Ufone Golden SIMs, Ufone Platinum SIMs, Ufone Silver SIMs:

The prices of Ufone special sims are different as compared to the Ufone standard sims. If you are thinking that you can buy a Ufone VIP sim at less rate like 100, 150, or 200 then you are wrong.

You have to pay more money to get the more catchy number. The more you need the catchy number the more you have to pay. The category of these numbers is as 1- Silver 2 – Golden 3 – Platinum.

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Prices of Ufone Special Numbers:

  • Ufone Silver Number = Rs. 1000
  • Ufone Golden Number = Rs. 2500
  • Ufone Platinum Number = Rs. 7500

Classification of Ufone numbers:

There is no hard rule for the classification.  But can consider it as if you get a number with triple the same numbers in it then it will be the silver number and for that, you have to Rs. 1000.

For Example, if 0333-5433355 has triple numbers then it might be a silver number.

If you bought a Ufone sim which is having tetra numbers then it will be the Ufone Golden number and you have to pay Rs. 2500 for that.

For Example, if 0333-5499994 has tetra numbers in it then it will be considered a Golden number.

If you bought a Ufone sim which is having penta digits then it will be the Ufone Platinum number and you have to pay Rs. 7500 for that.

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For Example, 0333-5988888 has penta numbers in it then it will be considered as a Platinum number.

How they offer Ufone Special numbers?

We recommend you go to the Ufone head franchise in your city as they are the only reliable authorities that will help you to get the Ufone Golden, Silver, or Platinum numbers.

To find the VIP number of Ufone, they will search the numbers from online records and then provide the number to you. Like if you tell any number that you want to buy then they will enter that number into the record and if that number is not in use then they will provide you that number at a high rate.

These types of SIMs are postpaid packages and you have to pay Rs. 1000 for the security deposit.

Note: These numbers will only start with the code 0333.

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